How do guys react when they see a naked female?

Today my boyfriend and I went to see a play. Towards the end, the three main characters (all women) took off their dresses, and were naked except for panties. It wasn't sexual, nor an adult play by any means.

Anyway, these women had very nice bodies, better than mine, and the nudity went on for like 5 minutes. I could barely watch, since I felt uncomfortable. They were tinier, slimmer, toned and had bigger breasts than me.

As he sensed I felt uncomfortable and insecure he told me not to get upset, it's just a play and to be more mature about it and that not all nudity is sexual. But I told him of course you looked at them and enjoyed it, they had better bodies. And he said "Oh, stop comparing yourself, so what, it's a play, so I can't go see any plays now?". And I said to just stop it, according to him, he didn't check them out and that he didn't react sexually, but I don't believe him.

I just dislike that there's always female nudity everywhere to one degree or another, and I just hate that I just have to simply accept it even though I don't like it and makes me feel uncomfortable and that makes people think I'm a prude, when I'm not. I just don't want to see other women's parts, that's all! Is that so wrong? And how do guys really see nude women in such a context? Do you enjoy the view, check them out, or is it really neutral to you, just like if they were wearing clothes?



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  • In that case, I wouldn't be sexually aroused by them. And here's the deal. He's in a relationship with you. What's he going to do, go down to backstage and ask for their phone numbers?

    You may not be a prude, but you're very insecure about something that is not that big of a deal for most everyone else.

    I'm not saying you need to be like other people, but I assure we all see or hear something that personally offends at least once a day, and you don't see people making the issue personal or allowing it to affect their day, or their relationships.

    For example, I hear people in my classes talk about using drugs all the time. It's specifically offensive to me because I don't believe anything productive has come the use of illicit narcotics.

    Yet, I don't call the people out, I don't portray myself as being uncomfortable, and I don't make it an issue.

    What will be, will be. As long as someone isn't trying to make a victim out of me, they can go play on their side of the fence, and act like an idiot or whatever.

    Like I said, it's not that big of deal to men when they see naked women at a play, or a film, or wherever. It's only an issue for those that make it one. So calm down, and realize your boyfriend cares for you and isn't going to leave you for a "better" body, whatever that means.

    He picked you, so why would he drop the relationship like a rock for the sight of female nudity? That's not logical.


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  • I think a guy who actually goes to see a play with you is going to have enough cultural taste and maturity to be able to accept the play's nudity in the way it was intended and I think you're overreacting. I doubt he was sexually aroused by them especially if he was enjoying the rest of the play. He was right in saying you shouldn't compare yourself especially at such a time. When a woman appears on TV for a lingerie advert or anything that shows young attractive girls would you stop him and say the same? Probably not yet this is the same thing. If you feel uncomfortable that is something more than feeling insecure about your own looks or what he is thinking about as you should not care about seeing members of the same sex naked especially more than seeing men naked. I would not care if I saw either and only think sexually about women when I see them naked if it is my girlfriend because it's automatic response now. Even when I first started dating her I did not look at other girls in the same way because in my mind it was just like cheating but now I could look at any other woman and just feel completely relaxed when months ago it would have made me extremely uncomfortable or aroused. Yes I might feel embarassed but certainly not uncomfortable because all it could be is a penis or vagina or breast, it's not someone mastubating or having sex so it should be fine. If he enjoyed watching it then so what because it's not that he enjoyed it sexually, you have to think of it in the context of the play

  • According to your boyfriend, he watched the play and the nudity didn't matter to him. You even said yourself that the context wasn't sexual or meant to be gratuitous. The only recurring theme I saw was the comparison of your own body to those of the actresses in the play - trust me, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Your boyfriend wouldn't be with you unless he was attracted to you for who YOU are - don't feel as though you need to measure up to other women he sees.

  • i think you might be overreacting

  • To figure out how he reacts to nudity, watch "Watchmen", see how he reacts to Dr. Manhattan's scenes.


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  • You're not going to be the last girl he's ever attracted to. Learn to accept that or you will poison your relationship with your insecurity.

  • I agree with you,though I am not insecure at all, my body is beautiful,but, female sex slavery is at a horrible point right now, its the only modernized slavery.(strip clubs,porn,waitresses,ect were all jobs made up by men to force women to have to live to pleasure men,they made up "women jobs" when women were fighting for rights,trying to make them happy without them knowing those jobs were made up just to keep women down,make sure they never go to college and become scientists,ect because being a stripper/hooker is STILL literally depending on men,she can never truly be independent and powerful,pleasing men is what she lives for)

    Women MUST get naked to pleasure men, that's the law right now..(it does exist,the law is that there MUST be women available to men,somewhere somehow,hence p*rn,strip clubs,prostitutes, national geographic)

    Everything that's becoming acceptable in society is only based on what men like and want,females just have to do it or be completely out casted by the world...but I fight it, just because I have large breasts does NOT mean I will show them, no low tops, NOTHING.

    & men just have to deal with it...

    Men in the past, always forced their wives & such to be naked,so they could flaunt them around like a car,but nowadays media brain washes women to flaunt themselves to men instead, so men don't have to force it upon them anymore,even though flaunting is not even int he female nature whatsoever,modesty is encoded in female genetic make up,and all neurology tests proved all women feel bad in some way, when appearing naked in front of people,in this culture people are brain washed to believe,if you have confidence you show your body off,but that's only because those who are confident are also the prettiest, this is all made up by men so they see the prettiest girls bodies,and science proves that,the most confident people actually cover up the most,because they love themselves to much to give their bodies away so easily. A treasure is hidden to be found by a devoted person for a reason,a person who is willing to spend years to find it,and have it,thats what love is,thats what being a dazzling precious treasure is.

    Besides,exposing ones body means giving it away to anyone who wants to see it,meaning rapist,women abusers,child molesters,cheaters,murderers,ect. ANY jerk who beats women,cheats on his wife & molests his child can get pleasure from you if you wear low tops when walking passed him, or get naked in magazines,movies,and yes plays too.Going to a play does not = mature go to see anything with nudity.

    • Sounds like you got burned by some 'bad guys' that YOU chose!! Don't stereotype all men to be like the ones that hurt you, and made you so bitter!! I'm not judging, or condemning you, in any way, but saying some of the things that you said about guys, and how the world is completely controlled by them is just wrong.
      'Society' is not as 'Evil' as you say. There are so many women that are CEOs, and political leaders!! Society is changing, and women are taking on more, and more roles that were previously held by men, and doing well, in those positions, running multi-billion dollar companies, and being Senators, and maybe even running for president in the next election!!
      Your post sounds like a drunken angry rage. I'm sorry for what happened to you, but I just don't think the world is as bad as you say.
      I think women are AMAZING, and if anything is holding most of them back, it is their own insecurity and fear, to challenge the norm and be AMAZING!! I know it is scary, but YOU can do it!

  • Also,you should be the only female he is attracted too, says my bf.

    When someone is truly in love,you love only what they look like because you become so in love with everything about them,their hair color,to hair style,skin color,body type,eye color,even eye brows and clothing choices.

    (my boyfriend loves my thin eyebrows,he loves my artistic style,and he's just all around in love with how I look,who I am,he loves my mind because I'm highly intelligent,artistic,i sew,bake,build robots,love mathematics,science,ect,and I go to MIT university,and he is completely happy for me,and proud of me, and even brags about me to his friends,ect.

    He said "I'm the luckiest man in the whole world to have you" {:

    This is what your boyfriend should somewhat be like,if he truly loves you,he will adore you,every inch and every part he can't even see.

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