Is it normal if a a teacher stares at one of his student's boobs?

I'm just wondering because last time I had gym class, I caught my teacher looking at my boobs many times.
At the beginning, when he had to explain something to all the class, he talked looking at everyone, no one especially and then he stared at my boobs, looked away. A few minutes after, he stared again. And after, as he was still talking, he sneaked glances at them, but I had put my hair on them to hide them because I was embarrassed.

Just after, during the class, I was busy and noticed he kept turning around and looked at me as he was talking to other people. After that, he stopped.

We were working in groups so the teacher regularly went to see if we did everything well. He talked to us looking at everyone but it was like he avoided looking at me and he asked questions but even if it was me who talked, he only looked quickly contrary to the others, like if he was avoiding again. What I said wasn't boring at all, I simply answered his questions. But just before he left us for another group, he glanced at my boobs again.

It was weird, I was wearing a top so it naturally showed a little of cleavage but I couldn't do another way and that was discreet. On the contrary there are some girls that dress really provocative in that class, and intentionally.

The teacher is in his twenties, he's a new one.
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So why do you think he avoided looking at me?
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Also, each time he stared at my chest and he was talking to the class, he kinda stopped talking, searching for words. The stares happened at least three times so I suppose if he knew he was going to stare forgetting to say anything to the class, he wouldn't have done it that much
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Well, even a week after, I've caught him again, even though it's obvious he tries to look less.
But it seems like he's just horny (I've caught him checking out my butt and another girl's one), with this class in which there are only girls.
Is it normal if a a teacher stares at one of his student's boobs?
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