Running his fingers through my hair during oral sex?

I been seeing this guy but we are not serious cause we just got out of long relationships we fb talk a lot and have really good conversations and share music we like we talked about our childhoods, what went wrong in our last relationships, introspective thoughts, spirituality, things we like really good convos to sum it up ( not into texting me personally) we see each other a few times a month cause we both work and he just took on a side project for a game company, usually we watch a movie or an episode of twin peaks. when we have sex i notice when I go down on him he runs his fingers through my hair a lot. we are not sure what we are or how we feel ( we both stated this) cause we never been in this type of situation before ( having sex with someone and not being in a relationship) but does it mean anything when he does it? I also notice he will sometimes intently stare during sex not creepy but intently for a moment or when we kiss it is deep and a lot of tongue action going on. I am so new to the dating scene cause we both been in relationships for almost a decade we are in our late 20s. but could it be he has feelings for me? I am not sure what to make of it I am taking it as it comes but i do not want to get ahead of myself and end up getting burned if that makes sense. he said he was not sure what we are or how to feel that he sensed feelings between us but he does not want a relationship for awhile til he finds himself as a person again after his ex, which i understand cause my ex was draining too and I do not want to be in a relationship for awhile either but I do really like him and I told him i liked him and wanted to see where it goes and advised him to NOT overthink it cause I am not expecting us to go in one certain way cause I do not want to know. But do these actions have any certain meaning? I am sorry for the long details I wanted to paint a more accurate picture of what our situation is. I prefer only men to answer no offense please.
Running his fingers through my hair during oral sex?
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