Why does he sit so close to me?

We were in a small classroom and he's sitting next to me. He leans on towards me while looking at the projected screen. He gets so close that I got nervous but didn't move away as I'm having this big crush on him.

I've read somewhere that it's because he's not attracted to me and so comfortable being close to me (or didn't even notice how close we are. Is it? Or do I still have a chance with him? :(


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  • I think what you read was dead wrong!!! that is something I would do if I liked a girl but wasn't sure what her feelings about me were...

    • Your comment really makes me happy and gives hope. So... me not moving away sends out a good signal to him? He does the same way whenever we sit next to each other and I never move away. But, he never makes a move although we're alone so many times.

    • try leaning in closer to him as well or letting your arms touch/hold his hand. he might not be making a move because he thinks it makes you uncomfortable but you are too polite to move away from him

    • I'll try :) I'm a shy person and all I did was staring him frequently and had to stop it as I got really nervous to see him that close (but he never looked at me unless I speak up to the whole class). Again... thank you for encouraging comment.

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  • Try talking to him, or smiling and a slow tilt of your head, he seems to be attractive to you

    • Wow... your comment gives me hope. We kind of know each other. He's always nice towards me and we talk occasionally. But, since he's a friendly person, it's hard to know if he's attracted to me (I do hope he does like you say :) But he never makes a move although we're alone quite a few times.

    • Invite him for a quick bite or coffee, outside the classroom

    • Thanks again for your comment :)

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