My crush kissed me does that mean he likes me?

i had a huge crush on this guy the first time i met him through a mutual friend a couple of months ago but we never get to really talk until we both went to this party of a friend last Saturday. he only talked to me the entirely night after i walked up to him except when i introduced him to my guy friends. it wasn t flirty from my side cause i never thought he would be interested in me. we just asked each other a whole bunch of questions.

and before long i realized we were standing super close and all of a sudden he leaned in and kissed me and turned it into a really passionate MO session. but his hands were around my waist the entire time other than lingering. he walked me to my car and hold my face with both of his hands and gave me a long and sweet goodbye kiss.

um the problem is it has been 3 whole days and i never heard of him after that night I m freaking out what should i do? is he attracted to me or am i still not good enough for him to date me? we both had a few drinks at the party but we've been talking for a long time guess the alcohol could be wore off by the time we kissed? does alcohol make people kiss someone they don't have feelings for?

HELP please?

oh and one more thing when we talk he would mimic my funny faces what does that mean? was he making fun of me?

THANK YOU in advance!
My crush kissed me does that mean he likes me?
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