Why does he like me so much?

So I met this guy, and the first time I talked to him, I went up to him and randomly started talking.

I'm cool like that.

But I guess I crushed on him almost instantly and then started ating weird so he stayed away.

I saw him a really long time afterwards, and he was looking at me so intensely... I was like ookay, I went right back to talking to my friend, even though he came up beside me.

THe next time I saw him too he looked all wide-eyed and hurt that I had ignored him the last time.

I don't get it I talked to this guy twice in my life, why does he like me?

I know ti sounsd like a horrible thing to do, but I was purpsely acting sad/pissed to see if he cared enough to also look concerned which he did.
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See sometimes I'm scared because I'm afraid he feels pity for me rather than likes me mostly because I'm so... weird.
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He was technically a 'peer' of mine in University so maybe he feels a connectiont o me?
Why does he like me so much?
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