Guys shaving their armpits? Yay or nay?

Have you ever shaved your armpits? If you have never done this, I challenge you to!

I think a guy who is secure of his masculinity shouldn't be scared of having a smooth hairless armpits. It's more hygienic because there are less "stuff" for the bacterias to cling to.

Would you take this challenge? At least once?

Girls, what do you think on this topic?

I think guys shaving their armpits would make them appreciate what we women do more. We're required to shave EVERYTHING! Armpits are the easiest and smallest spot to shave. So I think if a guy does take this challenge, it would make him gain a bit more perspective.
Guy: I will feel like a woman if I shave my armpits (not very secure about my masculinity)
Guy: I know I'm a man, and hairless armpits would not make me less of a man
Girl: I like hairy armpits on guys/don't mind guys with hairy armpits
Girl: I think hairy armpits are absolutely disgusting and if we have to shave everything, then guys could also shave their pits.
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Also: I think that American men may feel more "protective" about their armpit hairs. Many European guys when they shave, they shave everything but their legs and arms.

Do you agree?
Guys shaving their armpits? Yay or nay?
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