Will someone convince me it's his loss not mine?

Had a guy I met at work and he was with someone when he first started. He then broke up with her he said. Then he started with the all day IMs and Calls. He was really flirty saying I wish you were here. I want to keep you on the phone with me all day so it's like you are here with me. We work in different office, never met face to face. Only seen each other through webcam and sharing pictures. He sent me lots of pictures of him. So then out of the blue he tells me he's in love with his neighbor. It broke my heart. 9 months later after him still calling and IM'ing all day and me trying to break it off a few times and him working his way back in, I decided to send him a nice email about how I wish him the most happiness and I will be his coworker but not his chat buddy. He hasn't contacted me since. Even at work he doesn't contact me for work questions anymore. I've never felt better but a part of me wants him to thank me for the well wishes instead of really going off. I guess I won't get it, so I don't know if he actually didn't care or just wants to ignore it. I won't contact him again, but I guess expected some kind of response.
Will someone convince me it's his loss not mine?
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