What to do when guy confesses he likes you?

Okay so I went to this party, it's all people from my school. I got wasted and a guy made out with me. This specific guy then started wheeling me, I told him something about my friend by accident and he then went up and said something to my friend that was really rude. (so I had to talk to my friend and get things settled between us)
He later apologized to me, begged me to forgive him and asked if I was mad. I said I was disappointed because of what he said to her and he said that it really hurts him because he really likes me (but we only talked for like 5 min after the party in person and texted a bit for 2 days). I told him he should probably apologize to my friend instead, he said he did and I didn't reply because I had nothing to say. He later sends me a HUGE paragraph saying how he knows he fucked up, how that wasn't him at the party and he really likes me and wants me to forgive him. Also, according to an other friend, he won't stop talking about me.

Honestly, I don't know what to do with this guy at this point because what I've learned about him so far is that 1. He opens his mouth when he shouldn't 2. He's really immature and 3. He's really clingy and obssesive.
He's not bad looking, I find he's kinda weird so far. At first I thought that if he were to ask me to get into a relationship with him it would be no but if it were to go on a date I'd say yes. Now I'm thinking I should get rid of the date option as well and get rid of any chances with him.
What to do when guy confesses he likes you?
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