Should I talk to him again?

Yesterday I had a dream about a guy which I had a crush on him. We were so close and also him had a crush on me but he was too shy to confess to me. But he got problems and moved to another country but we didn't talk since then.
Having that dream made me feel empty inside of me and I think I am in love with him since the time we met. Should I talk with him again?
Let me tell something... probably you guys think he is a jerk and etc... but the one who is wrong is me... We went to a party and I brought with me my cousin... and we had fun and it was amazing... he wanted to walk me home but I didn't say a word and took a taxi and left him alone. I know I am such a bitch but i was with my cousin and I didn't tell her about him and probably she could make me in troubles (by the way I am Muslim). He was upset and the day after he was filtring with another girl and ignoring me. I felt like I couldn't breath cause I loved him (and I still love him). I wanted to explain everything but it was too late and he moved to another country. Last April I've heard from a mutual friend that probably he will come back here on winter and I was so happy. I want to explain everything and start over again. Could he forgive me? Could he still love me? Should I make the first move?
Guys please I want serious and honest opinions.
Should I talk to him again?
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