Did she withdraw because she's scared of getting hurt?

I recently started seeing somebody about a month ago. Almost instantly we really vibed and got along EXTREMELY well. We got very close in the matter of two weeks... we let each other in pretty deep. She's confided quite a bit about herself to me, things she hasn't discussed with many people she's known for years... then she would say " I don't know why I'm telling you all this, I normally never talk about these things... but I feel so close and comfortable with you."... and I have let her in on a lot about me as well. I know she's been hurt before, and she also seems to have a lot of self esteem issues, mostly because of how she's been hurt. I call her beautiful, she says she doesn't see it. She would tell me randomly that she's not damaged goods, and I would tell her I never thought she was. After talking about past relationships, she once told me "if you get tired of things with me, just tell me... please, just tell me." I tell her it wouldn't happen, and she would still say the same thing. After the first time we had sex, she said it again.

I did things to make her smile many many times, just to see her smile. We always had a wonderful time with each other, always laughing and smiling. I always gave her space when she needed it, and sometimes she would come over after studying very late, just to see me even if only for a short while. Bottom line, I never messed up, and things were always so wonderful... I know, a lot for two weeks, but still... if its there, its there.

After about 2 weeks, I made one SMALL mistake, first thing I did wrong, and sent a text message which was meant as a joke. After reading it I felt bad, like I may have offended just a little bit... it sounds a lot worse than it was, and a few girls that I have gotten advice about this from, one who knows us both very well, say it was NOT THAT BAD at all, but she blew it way out of proportion. She stayed mad at me for a few days. I was told by all I got advice from that she was looking for something to be mad about as a reason to step back...

We have talked since, and she says she is not mad at me anymore, and understands it was not meant to offend, but still says it was wrong to say. I agreed, and that particular matter has been squashed. However she says she has no business being involved with anyone at the moment with 2 jobs and school. I agree, it is a lot to have on a plate, but I have the deeper feeling she has withdrawn because of being scared of getting hurt.

Am I right? What do I do? I have stayed away, but I can't stop thinking about her, and I wonder if she thinks of me too... will she get past her fears? Don't know what to do, or how to feel right now... any questions just ask, I'll tell more if needed... just confused as hell right now...
Did she withdraw because she's scared of getting hurt?
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