Why does my ex stalk me on Instagram from fake account - WHEN HE HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND?

So here´s the story. I was in a relationship with this guy for about 2 years. The entire last year he cheated on me with multiple women. He constantly lied and I was trying to break up with him for that entire last year, but I always took him back when he lied of all the changes he would make. By January this year I got a VIDEO sent to me where he was making out with some girl at a party, and that´s when I found the strength to break it off for real. Within 4 days he was head over heels in love with a new girl. I couldn´t bare to see them in love on social media, so I blocked them both everywhere. And they are still blocked.

The following months he made a few attempts to talk to me, but I rejected all of them. He also made a few fake accounts on Instagram to watch me and I blocked them - all except one, an account he set up with his new business. I thought that if I ever needed proof that he was watching my stories this would be the account I could use to prove it.

Anyways, I let his coworker know that I knew he was watching my stories through this account and sure enough he stopped the very next day. After that he has gone official with his new relationship - even talking about his girlfriend when he has been interviewed in magazines. He has EVEN MOVED HER TO BALI with him. And now - as far as I know, they have lived in Bali together for the past couple of months. The last time he watched my stories from this business account was in May - and now all of a sudden and he has started watching every SINGLE one of my stories for the past couple of weeks. He has even written on the account he uses to stalk me with that *hisname* is managing the account. None of the fake accounts he has used to stalk me has ever followed me on Instagram, and neither does the one he uses now, which means that he actively types in my name to watch me. What the actual fuck does it mean?
Why does my ex stalk me on Instagram from fake account - WHEN HE HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND?
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