Why are men still getting married?

Why are men still getting married?
Why are men still getting married?
Why are men still getting married?
Marriage benefits only women. Women get all the privileges and advantages and men get all the liabilities, responsibilities, duties and no reward whatsoever at all. He'll turn into a slave and an ATM and she can boast about it to her friends and family. His money is hers now and he is her property.

And especially divorce, which is the worst. All his money, his house, his car and belongings are now hers and he is left on the brink of poverty. He'll get to pay alimony and child support to someone, who he will never see again.

And men still go for it?
How many more times do men have to get scammed like that until men finally start to pick up on it and stop being taken advantage of like that?
Yet men keep marrying and keep getting divorced and keep returning to poverty once again.

I have no words for this. Any man, who is still falling for this obvious scam has 0 sympathy from me and all he will get from me is a burst of laughter accompanied with "I told you so!". Really at this point they fully deserve it. Sue me!
Why are men still getting married?
Power of the p u s s y is too strong. They are possessed!
They're idiots
Nobody told them it's a trap
They delay the inevitable because she places an ultimatum: Marriage or instant break up (same answer as A)
They're deluded (same answer as B)
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Why are men still getting married?
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