Does anyone find petite, slim women attractive? (No rude comments)?

I am 5’3”, 106 lbs, and very slim figure.
i have a very “willowy” looking body type, and from a distance people often think I’m a little taller than I am.

I’m on the petite, short side, but I am very narrow, I’m thin (but not skin and bones) tummy is flat, and I have some subtle muscle tone.
Bra size is a 32B and my ass is proportionate to my breasts although I need to do more squats. I’m naturally extremely flexible and agile, and I’m told all the time that I’m highly energetic and that I act/look quite younger than I am.

Anyways people are constantly commenting on my figure, telling me I look like a short version of a supermodel, petite, and many people think I’m fit and active when I don’t even work out.
Anyways, almost any time I hug a man for the first time, they ALWAYS have to make a comment about my small frame.
It’s like as soon as they hug me the first thing i I hear is:
”oh wow you are so petite and feminine”
”you are very small framed”
“Aww you’re so tiny “
or something to that effect and they always want to pick me up, envelop me in their arms, etc.

i do get hit on constantly, men and women alike are always saying they’re attracted to me.

I ask this question because thin women with small curves seem to be dissed a lot these days, and it has made me feel slightly self conscious at times since society covets a full figured woman with a large butt and thick thighs (which is absolutely beautiful)

But many of the same men I’ve encountered who claim to ONLY be interested in thick women are also obsessed with my thin, narrow, and petite frame. It’s contradicting and
This creates confusion for me since being thin isn’t “in” these days.
I personally like my body but I’m just curious to know...
Men, what are your thoughts? Please be respectful and kind with your responses.
Does anyone find petite, slim women attractive? (No rude comments)?
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