Guy has girlfriend but keeps showing interest in another girl?

This is not about me but my guy friend. He has a girlfriend but since we joined our new office he's been paying a lot of attention to this girl. He keeps staring at her when she's not looking quickly looks away when she catches him, he finds excuses to talk to her, gets upset when she ignores him and even gets jealous when other guys flirt with her.

She also knows he has a girlfriend but still he keeps behaving this way with her. He keeps complimenting her and flirting with her though not in a sexualway. Like he keeps saying he thinks she's very cute and he loves her laughter and her presence. When she once talked about leaving the office he got very worried and upset and told her he would miss her.

I'm confused does my guy friend have genuine feelings for her? Or is he just looking to have fun with her? The way he talks about her doesn't insinuate like he wants just sex from her.
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I want to make this clear that he never talks to her in a sexual way and even when he compliments her and flirts with her it's always about her personality never anything sexual. He doesn't touch her or anything either.

I mean I was thinking of talking to him about this that if he's so into this girl why is he still with his girlfriend? Clearly he's not happy in his relationship and he's looking elsewhere.
Guy has girlfriend but keeps showing interest in another girl?
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