Why's he being so nice suddenly?

I met this guy online at the start of the pandemic. We're now part of a community who play games and generally keep each other through social media, etc. At the beginning things were fine but I quickly rubbed him the wrong way and after a few months he started to LOATHE me. As in it was so bad it couldn't be hidden. I never had a problem with him and honestly never 100% understood where this came from. Eventually I stopped trying to be friendly and distanced myself from him. He went away for a litle while recently and after coming back he started acting strangely friendly. He followed my socials, started replying to me, he suddenly seems to think I'm hilarious. I hate to say it but I'm a little jaded about him. I tried to be friendly and tbh he was really mean at times. So now I'm not sure how to act when he's being nice. I wonder if he wants something? Or did he just realize how much of a dick he was being? Should I continue to be cautious, or give him a chance?
Why's he being so nice suddenly?
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