Is this a sign that he is into me?

OMG guys it has happened to me again today I was just randomly live streaming while playing my game and this guy he knows the lads I work with he even knows my crush. Anyways yeah so he joined my live stream and he pretty much asked me how my crush is obviously I responded saying “I don’t know ask him yourself “. He then proceeded to ask me if I still like the guy and I said I think he has a girlfriend it was weird because the guy responded with a “hmm”.

He then asked me if I still want the guy I just gave him all the cold answers… it’s weird because this guy seems to join when ever we bring the guy I have a crush on up in conversations. Its soo strange like it almost feels as if the guy I have a crush on is with him when he joins my live streams that’s probably how my crush knows I like him.

I don’t know maybe I’m being paranoid giving cold answers but I don’t know if it’s signs that the guys is into me. Also it’s the same lad it’s the same lad who asked me to just ask my crush if he wants to meet after work I really don’t know what’s going on.. is my crush actually just shy and uses his friends to get to me..

He’s done this before like he must have asked his best friend to ask me if I am single or not which is weird seeing as his best mate has a girlfriend so I don’t know why else he’s ask other then it’s because of the guy I like. I’m genuinely confused.

maybe I don’t know this person as well as I thought or maybe it’s that situation again where I’m gonna get hurt just like I did with my male best friend… it seems like his mates are trying to set me and him up but I don’t know why..

I just need genuine advice about what to do I have tried my hardest to forget he exists but I can’t I’m starting to think about him a lot and even dream about him I’d honestly hate this to be another joke…. I’m sooo over this
Is this a sign that he is into me?
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