Does it look like he's into me?

So there's this guy I like and I think he likes me too. We are both shy. When we first met he was quiet, avoided eye contact with me, the only time we talk was when we were around a mutual friend. After some time we got comfortable around each other, alone. From there he got really happy when he saw me, everyday he ditched his friends to hang out with me. We got really too close, it scared me. I'm afraid of getting hurt. So I pulled away from him. He tries to talk to me and I ignore him. Now its back to square 1 again. He only talks to me with a friend. When we walk by each other, I turn my head away from him, he turns my his. He stares at me A LOT then quickly looks away. I think I already screwed up my chance with him. How do I get him back?
Does it look like he's into me?
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