What does he mean by this?

Appologies for the long read!

I walked into the drugstore barefaced, hair in a bun, wearing birkenstock sandals, black running leggings, & black graphic t-shirt with joker on it. I went in to purchace some eyebrow pencils- (I have pretty thick eyebrows already, but as the perfectionist I am, I must shape them so that they're EXACTLY even. Kind of like how Death The Kid is obsessed with symmetry, I too get triggerd when things aren't perfectly symmetrical. I used to use eyeshadow to shape them, but I hate how scruffy the lines come out & clean up w makeup wipes I have to do, due to fall out. So, I wanted to test if pencils would come out looking better.)

Anways, as I stand infront of the register while the cashier rings up my items, he lifts up one of the pencils then looks at me... then the pensils... and then me again.. 😐 And our conversation went like this:

Cashier- Is this for you?
Me- Yes
Cashier- Can I be honest with you-
Me- uh.. sure?
Cashier- Makeup is made for a specific type of woman. [continues anti-makup rant] natural always trumps it
Me- It's just for fun
Cashier- In todays society nothing is done for fun
Me- *awkward smile* ... ok

(My dad was with me aswell) As we leave the establishment my dad says that cashier was "hitting" on me bc he thought I was "beautiful." (A toxic lie dads always tell their daughters)🤦🏽‍♀️ Nevertheless, I've never been more confused in my life by a conversation. I don't know & idc if he was trying to flirt bc It sounded more a lot more like patranizing & scolding than it did flirting. Sounded more like a: 'you're too ugly/it's deception' or a 'your eyebrows are too big' kind of speach. All I know is that as a cashier, don't lecture costumers about what THEY buy with THEIR money. Just ring up our shit & shut up.

But do any of you understand his point he was trying to make? I wish I could remember the rest of his one-sided rant.
What does he mean by this?
Yes [explain]
Nope [I'm lost af]
Uh... 👀 ... so
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What does he mean by this?
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