Is being a bad texter a red flag?

I was talking to this guy and we ended up hooking up with each other. We text occasionally, and I asked him if he wanted to hangout again, and he said yes. He’s really bad at responding to text messages, but every time he forgot to respond to me, or took a few days to respond, he’d always text saying how sorry he was that he forgot to respond.

I’ve been used before, and his behavior is a red flag to me. But, his closest friend told me that he’s just bad at responding and not to take it personally. So far, two other people have told me the same thing.

Whenever I ask around about him, people have nothing bad to say (i. e he’s not a player). And when we hooked up, he was very respectful (my ex didn’t even treat me the way this guy did when we had sex).

I don’t know if it’s just my anxiety and past experiences that’s making me think that I’ve been used or what? Also, I followed him on instagram a while ago, and he hasn’t accepted my follow request, but his amount of followers has went up…

Is being a bad texter a red flag?
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