Why does he only say hi to me when we're alone?

There's this guy that I really like that I'm pretty friendly with. We talk in the halls, I asked him for his cell # & he gave it to me, he shows off when we talk and tries to make me laugh. I sometimes catch him staring at me.

However, whenever we pass in the hallways he ignores me! That is, unless we are both alone. What's up with this? I'm 16 and he's 17 and is normally pretty outgoing. I don't think he has had a lot of girl experience though. Sometimes I feel like he doesn't even like me cause he never starts a conversation with me (except like once maybe twice).

Usually when we see each other in the hallways he'll start talking to a friend or look at his water or won't even look in my general direction. I don't GET IT. I'm pretty sure he stares at me from far away. He usually stares at me when he knows I'm not looking.
Why does he only say hi to me when we're alone?
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