Beauty Secrets to Getting Clear & Glowing skin


Everyone wants flawlessly beautiful & glowing skin. They even try hard to achieve it, but it takes time and commitment to get healthy skin. Our skin is delicate and always deals with harmful chemicals that bring a huge risk. Busy lifestyles, inadequate sleep, stressful work schedules, an imbalanced diet, dangerous UV rays are the main factors that make our skin dry and dull. But, we must understand that skin is a vital part of our body and we can't ignore it.

Following a daily routine that includes cleansing, exfoliating etc. is one of the best beauty secrets for healthy glowing skin. Make it a part of your daily routine and you’ll definitely see positive results soon!

1. Clean your skin regularly

The most important secret to getting glowing skin is to clear up all the dirt, debris, oil and pollution particles from skin pores that can cause dullness. Wash your face as soon as you wake up in the morning and night by gently massaging small drops of gentle face cleanser with your fingers. Make sure you massage in circular motions, right from the inside of the face till the full coverage of the face. Try not to rub your skin after cleansing. Use a soft & clean towel to smoothly soak moisture from your face.

Beauty Secrets to Getting Clear & Glowing skin

2. Follow Exfoliation process

Exfoliating is one of the most ideal ways to illuminate skin and boost its glow quickly. The exfoliation procedure evacuates dead cells from the external layer of the skin, so its surface becomes smoother, clearer and reflects glowing light.

Go for a delicate physical exfoliant or choose natural Exfoliators like Gram flour as it is a fabulous agent that helps you get glowing skin naturally. Apply it once per week if you have sensitive or dry skin, otherwise, for another skin type you can apply it for a maximum of three times. The exfoliation process after cleansing will definitely make your skin more prone to dark spots and sun damage while making it more glowing than before.

3. Incorporate antioxidant-rich food in your diet

Indeed, what you eat can affect your skin's radiance and glow. Load up your diet with berries, grapes, nutritious nuts like pecans; walnuts, etc. Previous researches have proved that these types of foods rich in antioxidants help guard skin cells from harmful UV damage generally known as hyperpigmentation. Try to include them in your daily diet plans in the form of morning meals, salads, desserts or you can also take them as your evening snack.

4. Make your Skin Hydrated

Lack of proper hydration can make your skin looking dull and even highlights dark spots and wrinkles. So, you must apply a topical lotion every morning and night to rejuvenate hydration. Topical face creams and lotions are usually more hydrating rather than serums, oils, and other skincare formulas. They bring a layer of hydrating ingredients on the skin helping it to hold moisture for a long time. Last, but not least, Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to hydrate yourself in order to hydrate your skin as well.

5. Try homemade face packs

The best face packs are the ones that are made at home, using natural ingredients. No matter whether you want to treat your acne or need ‘that’ glow back, you can make a face pack to treat almost every skin condition. For instance – if you want a face pack that would brighten your skin, you can easily create it by mixing curd and Fuller’s earth. You can even make an all-natural moisturizer with the help of fresh aloe gel and rosewater. If you have severe acne, we will recommend you to opt for a good Lifecell anti aging cream.

Beauty Secrets to Getting Clear & Glowing skin

6. Exercise and De-stress:

Exercise and de-stressing are important to remove tensions and toxins from the body and in turn, achieve a healthy body. Exercise helps to remove stress.Make sure to exercise and meditate for at least half an hour every day. Engage in activities you love to keep stress at bay

Beauty Secrets to Getting Clear & Glowing skin

Hope these beauty secrets of day to day life will help you get glowing skin in an effective way. Make them your daily routine and you will see the radiance and healthy layer of glowing skin on your face within a short span of time.

Hi! I am Tressie Dawson, a skincare expert, and a blogger. Born in a family of dermatologists, my life revolves around things that are healthy and natural to keep the sanctity of our skin alive. She works with Lifecell products for younger looking skin which are safe and natural. I love to share my observation and experience with various skin products to make the lives of my readers better.

Beauty Secrets to Getting Clear & Glowing skin
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