Do anyone have any mood boosters?


Just wondering if you guys have any special things you do when you want to get on a better mood?

I'm feeling like I'm in a pit of stress and sadness right now so I'd appreciate some tips on how to bring your mood up. It's mostly caused by sickness/allergic reactions and stress.

I recently found out that I'm allergic to something in the school building and that I've been since September or maybe even before. It really put me down since it explains why my grades have gone down, I've grown more tired and I get sick every other week. I also have had two major cases of being ill and my immune system never goes up due to it comming back nearly every weekend.

I've gotten meds for my allergy but after 2-3 days of taking them I get moody and tired, I can barely keep my eyes open for 5 minutes. And since this is a side effect of the meds I can't take them all the time. There are just two more months but I feel like sh*t because of it-

So basically I want examples on good things to do to get in a better mood or improve my health.

Thanks a lot!
Do anyone have any mood boosters?
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