My little sisters legs are stonger then mine?

Im 18 years old and my sister is 16. I allways noticed that her legs where way thicker than mine but I just thought that it was fat. But one day as we were wrestling I was liying above her and she just liftet me with one leg. She was laughing and doing the aorplane thing with me witch was really emabarassing. Then I tried to lift her with one leg bit I couldn't. She showed me her legs and they where pure muscle. We compared our legs but her thigs and calves where way bigger an stronger then mine. Since that day, when she newed that her legs are stronger then mine she permanently makes me legwrestle her. You know the thing where you and your opponent are facing each other and trying to press the others leg to him. I lose every single time. Also as she said that I can use two legs and she just one she won with eas. So she makes me massage her legs and do things for her. If I dont do stuff for her she locks me with her legs and makes me feel her muscles to show how strong she is. And since she's going to the gym her legs went bigger and stronger.
My little sisters legs are stonger then mine?
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