Will my boobs ever stop growing?

I started puberty when I was 8. That was when I first needed to wear a bra. Now I’m 22 (about to be 23) and throughout my life I have needed to buy bigger and bigger bra sizes, even well after I finished puberty. For about 2 years I’ve been wearing a 36DDD, but recently I find that my boobs are spilling out of the cups. The strap around my ribs isn’t tight and is still comfortable. I weigh 180lbs and am 5’3 and carry all my weight in my breasts and hips (all my clothes are way too big around my waist without a belt but otherwise I can’t get them over my hips or breasts). I’ve been eating healthier and losing weight yet my boobs are still growing. I’m afraid it’s to the point that I need to go up a cup size while I’m trying to get smaller. I don’t really carry any weight in my ribs (I’ve been a 36 band for years and still measure 36 in that area), so I’m not worried about band size decreasing. I just don’t want to have ridiculously large boobs either. Is there anything I do/take to stop them from growing?
Will my boobs ever stop growing?
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