Does this really happen for hernia check ups?

Recently I was caught naked by my sister. So she told me that my one ball is 4-5 larger than the other. According to her this is hernia.

So I went to the doctor. Told me to remove all the clothes. I did as I was told. Then he Started examining by balls. He called his lady nurse. When she came I felt very embarrassed. Then the doctor told me this normal. She started touching my private parts. I was getting Bonner.

Then the doctor told me to pee infront of him. I did not that too. That nurse cleaned my thing with tissue. She started squeezing it. Then the doctor told me to mastrubate. It came suddenly. Then again she started squeezing. Doctor told me to mastrubate again but I couldn't. The doctor told me do you need help. I said yes. She started playing my thing but I couldn't.

Then the doctor told me that they will do the surgery. I said okay. They started preparing themselves. I was scared. So I told them that I need to talk to my parents. I was lying naked. She was squeezing for checking the pain. When I said no, she grabbed very harshly. I told her to stop. She told me to go to the reception and I would get my clothes and stuffs. Doctor told me that my penis size is 3-4 inch and it's small. I should do surgery for that. I told him I will think about it. I came out butt naked. There were other nurses and doctors who saw me. I came to the reception. It was situated outside building. I was told to get prescribed medicines from the shop first. Then they will give. So I went to the shop. There were people looking at me strangely. Some were started taking pictures of me. Then I ran back to reception. I paid the amount and I got my dress.
Does this really happen for hernia check ups?
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