What would you do? Am I over-reacting? 10 PTS Best Answer

I have a close male friend, and we had a little misunderstanding the other day. I have apologized and he said it was forgotten, but he has brought it up yet again tonight. I set him straight, he said he believes me and again said it was dropped.

He has some health issues right now so his focus is on that. He said that his health was the only thing he cared about now. He has since learned his ex is returning to town. Two months ago he wanted nothing to do with her. Suddenly now, all he cares about is her and his health. He didn't even mention me and I was very very hurt.

This girl left him, has ignored him, played games and treated him like garbage. I was there when he was in the hospital, helped him find a doctor and therapies, I sent him get well card and balloons, I checked on him, I was his support. Now, I feel betrayed that once again, I don't matter to him because of this *****.

I feel like I don't matter. If I disappear, he messages me to ask me to come online. If he isn't online, I can't message him because he 'needs' space. I am just so hurt. Please, don't tell me to talk to him about it. We just got through a misunderstanding and I can't create another one.

I'm just going to disappear again. His ex will be back so she is all he needs.

I just want to know how YOU would feel in this scenario. Thank you.
What would you do? Am I over-reacting? 10 PTS Best Answer
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