Tips for if you test positive or someone you now turns positive with COVID-19.

You tested positive what now? According to Professor Roger Seheult there is a disturbing number of people that keep asking the question...

If you have trouble sleeping, try this

I struggled to sleep a lot, sometimes I don't sleep for days, and I knew that it's wasn't healthy so I tried to change my habits. So if...

I have covid, but I'm almost completely symptom-free. Here's how you can stay healthy and save lives

So we got the call today from the nurse. The whole family has covid. My wife has been feeling poorly for about a week. My children have...

Here's answer to all the common questions about women bodybuilding

I have been asking for opinions from people about women bodybuilding. Lot of people asked me questions and few of them i tried to...

A potential life saving medicine in the fight to save lives during COVID-19, Bamlanivimab.

As many of you might have read I have contracted COVID 19. Sunday night my local hospital called and asked me if I would be interested...

Survival Guide to Covid

Can't thank my girlfriend and my friends enough for the support they provided when I got covid sick. Although they are all distance,...

Is it recommended to eat after I threw up?

Im pregnant so I be having nausea at random times of the day. Earlier today I had mango with cucumbers. All day I been having this...

I don't wear underwear?

when I turned 30 I stopped wearing any underwear, I am now in my 70's and still go Commando, has anyone else adopted this lifestyle? I...

How can I get the confidence up to go swimming by myself?

Im a shy introverted guy and I haven't swam for a long time and I'm not that good of a swimmer anyway. I had health issues and was...

Can I die from a pinched nerve?

My neck is hurting soo bad and it’s shooting down to my arms and it feels like it’s burning. It started yesterday morning so I thought I...

Do you think this gyno is accurate?

I started having pain in my right labia in October I went to the gyno and tested negative for yeast. January 15th I went to a doctor who...

Msi I have good genetics for bodybuilding if I get muscular with a lot if vascularity without doing much?

I only workout for 25 minutes every 2-3 days & I'm my entire body is very "cut" all my muscles protrude without me doing anything

If you hold your step tracker for arm exercises, does that count as steps?

Would holding your step tracker for steps while doing arm workouts count as steps or is that cheating?

Obesity, weight problems, and depression?

I’ve been obese my entire life. I have hypothyroidism and i use food to comfort myself alongside my antisocial behaviour and...

Can I build muscle if exercising once weekly?

Before I got my job, I exercised daily, It began to feel like a chore. I dreaded exercising because I got tired of it. I stopped...

Are there ways to slow aging that the market does not want you to know about?

I believe the number one cause of old age appearance is restaurant food intake and chemicals and cheese and fat and oil In China people...

Did my doctor cancel my appointment without telling me? 90+ minutes late?

He is over an hour late for the phone conversation Do you think he had a medical or family emergency?

Covid conspiracy on the spike?

People are really concerned because they hear about the uk and south African variants. The vaccines Should still work!! This is the...

Anyone still think vaccines cause autism?

Autism is hip now isn’t it? So take the vaccine and be cool!

Are you getting to covid Vaccine? please say why or why not?

I work in a care home and I have seen a lot. without swaying anyone’s opinion I just want to shed light of mine. I have seen a lot of...