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A potential life saving medicine in the fight to save lives during COVID-19, Bamlanivimab.

A potential life saving medicine in the fight to save lives during COVID-19, Bamlanivimab.

As many of you might have read I have contracted COVID 19. Sunday night my local hospital called and asked me if I would be interested in an experimental medication for high risk patients who are well enough to be home with mild to moderate symptoms. This medication is a antibody that potentially saves the patient from getting worse to the point they have to be hospitalized. I decided to take the new medication. It comes at no cost to those who qualify, and in studies has worked wonders more often than not.

So this morning when I went to the hospital, they hooked me up to a blood pressure and pulse ox monitor. They gave me tylenol and benadryl beforehand in order to possibly prevent allergic reactions. After sticking the IV line in they started the treatment which lasts an hour to infuse. After that hour I had to stay another hour for observation. Before during and after infusion they checked my vitals every 15 minutes. So far right now I feel good, still have a cough periodically but that's all. If I keep going this route I'll be out of quarantine by Monday possibly. So there's some good news there!

A potential life saving medicine in the fight to save lives during COVID-19, Bamlanivimab.
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    I'm glad this life-saving drug is helping you, I know these medications are a trial and error and it's a chance one takes but I feel it's worth it, let us hope these new Vaccines
    for COVID will work for people, thank you for sharing your MyTake, just today my cousin lives down Pittsburgh, PA is a Nursing Assistant, She has 3 kids and today tested positive for COVID there is chances to that her babies, father might have it too not sure so this is close to home makes me scared.. You have all my Blessings hope you feel better
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  • It speaks highly of you to be part of that study and talk about it.

    That is how knowledge is acquired. Through willingness like yours and the hospital research, hopefully many lives will be saved.
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  • I’m glad things worked out for you - it’s good America isn’t as heartless as people say it is and they provide medical care to people
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    • We go to debt for it but honestly medical bills is one of the only debts that you cannot be sued for in the United States or cannot count against you

    • I did not know that - thanks for informing me - and I don’t want to be rude but I think it’s best to quarantine past the expected time frame cause there are exceptions to every rule - the doctor might think your no longer contagious after 10 days but in some cases it could be 11-12 days - like the average person is not contagious after 14 days but there are rare situations where somebody still has the virus after 1 month - better safe I think

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  • Twinrova
    God bless. I hope it works wonders and you can enjoy more of your holidays!
  • Solstice777
    So were you feeling bad enough to be in the hospital or did you have to go for the treatment?
    • It was outpatient I never had to go to the actual hospital for a stay

    • Well hopefully you feel better soon.

  • Syrian_survivor
    You'd better get well soon!
  • Jjpayne
    Thank you for sharing! I'm glad it's going well!
  • padreflint
    Good luck 👍
  • msc545
    Great - please keep us posted as to your progress!
  • jimmy2
    Keep updating please
    • Thanks I will, I'm feeling actually positive

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