Are you taking the vaccine?

Ya’ll know wtf I’m talking about.

Given that I’m still in the military chances are I’m not gonna have a choice and wouldn’t be surprised that my command is gonna get a dose for each of the guys in my unit and we will all be forced to take it.

So even if I didn’t want too, I wouldn’t have a choice.

That being said. Gimme the damn shot. And for the love of god can everyone just take the shit so we can return back to our normal lives?
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1 mo
Ok... I’m going to clarify on something since it appears that some people don’t understand something.

When they say a vaccine is 90-95% effective. It means it is 90-95% likely to prevent you from getting seriously ILL from the virus upon being exposed to it.

It does not mean that there is a 10-5% that you will die from it.
Are you taking the vaccine?
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