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If you have trouble sleeping, try this


I struggled to sleep a lot, sometimes I don't sleep for days, and I knew that it's wasn't healthy so I tried to change my habits.

So if you're struggling too, try this:

1- Running and working out

I tried to do something during the day that will make me tired and sleep fast at night, doing that not only makes me sleep but it makes me get into the shape

2- sleep at the same time everyday

Sleeping everyday at the same time and make it a habit will make your brain automatically wants to sleep when that time come, I go to bed at midnight every night, ( I'm trying to not sleep now until I finish this post for you)

3- Play a calm music as a background

For me I chose waves sounds cause I love ocean, so I lay in bed and play it and I can tell that I sleep in less than an hour, but while listening to the waves I find that putting my hand right on my heart and feel my heartbeats also help me to calm and relax.

If you wanna sleep better without waking up at night, try these 3 things and see if it will work for you as it did for me and lemme know.

I hope everyone is sleeping well tho.

If you have trouble sleeping, try this
If you have trouble sleeping, try this
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  • Jerre
    Masturbation also helps one get a good nights sleep.