Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Alright let’s get right to the topic. Other than Crack Cocaine, HGH (Human growth hormone) is probably one of the most widely used drugs...

The truth: Instagram models are using steroids

This is for educational purposes. Stay away from steroids girls if you want to live longer and have healthy babies. I won’t sugar coat...

Common types of diets and my stance on them

I will be discussing 5 major types of diets and why they are so followed by people. Health is one of the best precious things in our...

If life has raped you badly and you are on recovery, how did you manage to get on recovery?

DISCLAIMER This is not a cure for depression (there is no cure for depression as of today in 2020). This is showing the way towards...

Corona till 2022

Researchers predict US may have to endure social distancing until 2022

Disgusted with myself.

I've always had anxiety problems. Any time I was around people and anything negative happened, I'd feel it. Even over the tiniest of...

Did you know breathing through the noise it's way better than mouth breathing?

Just listed to this I do it anyways I didn't know how much better for health it was..

Girls, Abnormal bleeding: should I see a doctor?

My 'regular' period started on June 13th. It usually lasts quite long (around 9 to 10 days until I can completely stop wearing...

Anti depressants?

Does anyone here take anti depressants for mood swings? What side effects did you have

When I wake up, my heart speeds up and thumps hard?

Sometimes when I wake up, and still kinda in that state of being asleep but awake, I feel my heart thump in my chest when I leave that...

I have been super unmotivated even though I have a good life?

I don’t think I am depressed but nothing is working, school is really hard my relationship have been super bad I feel alone and don’t...

How do you feel about vaccines?

Imagine injecting microorganisms into yourself so that they can protect you in the long run. What do you think about this?

Have you or your family had Covid-19 and had to go into quarantine?

or have you had symtom of convid-19 and had to go into quarantine? Or has any of your family members had the virus? Just wondering...

Important Question, someone please help?

Can pain around my left breast be a physical anxiety symptom? I have a mild dull ache that comes and goes by my boob. No lumps,...

Question about anxiety physical symptoms?

I dealt with health anxiety / cardiophobia for about 2 months almost every single day, I have recovered but I still get some physical...

What's your favorite place to run?

I like to rotate between treadmill, track and sidewalk.

Does emotional "pain" change you for better or worse?

Does it depend on how you let it change you? Does pain make you a better, stronger person? Or does it make you bitter and cynical? I'm...

Does anyone else soak their clothing on a hot day then walk around wet as a form of air conditioner , to stay cool?

I just took a shower with my dress on. ( I took it off washed then put it back on wasted— So I’m also legit clean 👍🏻) Now I’m...

Why do you think most people want to die before they get 50 years old?

after you make your choice say what you think on the subject

My new scale (ostensibly) measures fat muscle bone density etc... If any of you have used this what was your result. Primary Interest is muscle?

I do understand roughly that it is only partially connected to the electrical sensors shed currents through your body picking up...