How to Get a Bigger Booty!


I can tell you that you can absolutely make your butt bigger. As a guy I have done it myself.

How to Get a Bigger Booty


You need to build more muscle in your gluts. So to build muscle you need to eat more protein. You could do it with Chicken and Meat. But be careful with that because that might increase your tummy weight. So I would recommend you have one protein shake before a work out or eat add more yogurt and nuts to your diet.

You can increase the size of your booty WITHOUT adding protein. This is especially the case if you think you are overweight. So if you feel you are too chubby and you want to convert your body weight into booty muscle..I suggest stick to a low calorie diet and just jump to what I have to say below.

How to Get a Bigger Booty!


Pay attention because this is very important. You need to do squats. Preferably doing so with more "resistance". This means that when you do squats you need to keep pushing as much weight as possible and bend those knees. After about a month of doing squats and adding weights to your reps I promise you that you will see results. I would start by doing 10 reps of 10 pounds, then 25 pounds, then 50 pounds, then 75 pounds, then 100 pounds and so on. Doing squats with weights is the most powerful way to get results that you will actually start to notice in the mirror.

How to Get a Bigger Booty!

Stair Master Machine

The squats will make that booty big! But the stair master machine will smooth out that form and make the shape sexy. It evens everything out for the look you will be proud of.

How to Get a Bigger Booty!


Don't have a machine? Don't have weights? No problem! Just go to a park or a large field and start doing lunges as far as you can. This will firm up that booty of yours as well!

How to Get a Bigger Booty!
How to Get a Bigger Booty!
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  • flamiE
    Well done for the effort. I would say that squats are overrated. They’re good if you want to tone up your legs and booty since it’s a compound movement. To really grow your bum you need to be doing isolation exercises, or exercises that only (or mainly) target your butt like glute bridges, hip thrusts etc.
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    • Red_Dragon

      Yep. Squats and deadlifts (a big one he failed to mention) are essential to overall leg strength in my opinion. I know some important people who agree. I know some who disagree. But yes. Everyone thinks just squats will get them there. Not necessarily.

    • Apope16

      YOu make up a great point. I ran out of character space ( i only have 2,000) but isolation is fantastic. I would say however lunges are a form of isolation work.

    • flamiE

      @Red_Dragon yeah I missed it myself you’re right it’s an exercise that shouldn’t be neglected.
      @Apope16 thanks for the MHO! And yes they can be considered as such.

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  • Anonymous
    There's a lot more you can add to this take!

    I would also add using the 45 degree leg press machine
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    • Apope16

      THats a good one! I thought about adding it but was running out of character space.

    • Anonymous

      Lol! Also resistance bands can be used to increase butt size... I use to do glute bridges with weights as well!

      Adding carbs is a must to increase fat store in the ass so the butt gets bigger. Dieting doesn't help!

    • Apope16

      All replies here very good. I have a limited amount of character space for a mytake. However, folks take note on some of these good suggests here.

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  • Massageman
    Good points.
    You can add a lot of protein by dropping a similar calorie-equivalent of carbs.
    A well-trimmed 6 ounce (that's TWO dietary portions of protein) sirloin runs about 300 calories. Avoid one candy bar and a couple of swigs of soda pop or beer and it's a wash on the calories- less empty calories, more muscle building protein.

    Vegans! Be sure to eat your red beans with rice, or your corn with refried pintos. This will ensure that you get the COMPLETE list of "essential" amino acids needed to make protein which builds muscle. The amino acids from the starch AND the beans must BOTH be present AT THE SAME TIME in order to be useful to your body.
  • Meatunnel69
    Lmfao isn't it sad this is the only excercise a girl has to do to be sexy while a man has like 100 different muscle groups he has to build?
    • Apope16

      Haha! Yep. But if a guy starts working his booty i promise you gals will notice!

    • sparke328

      @Apope16 yes very accurate lol...

    • @sparke328 butt and abs on a man are a girls best friend i think because they are the muscles of fornication

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  • Red_Dragon
    That's actually not true unless you're already a girl with zero butt. Because then you're just building muscle. But for a girl who has mostly fat (which is all most butts are anyway) if you do those you'll lose it. So it really depends on the female. For example (one of my female friends):She's a naturally thin girl. So why does she have a thick butt? Well she had to take some steroid stuff to help her health (not to get too far into it), so it built muscle on her ass. Her ass is all muscle despite being thin. So what you're saying is true if you're a girl like her. But what about the girls who aren't? What about the girls who have a decent butt but want a bigger one? Well if their genetic makeup is of a rather average to larger size then more than likely like most women who have a decent size butt they will lose it if they do squats and lunges like you suggested. Since I used this other photo on here before I'll use it again. The following is a former Puerto Rican partner of mine. Noticeh her body structure. If she were to be put on some sort of steroids she'd be overly big. To the opposite affect if she were to constantly do what you said she'd lose a lot of her ass.

    So again you can't give a blanket statement like that. It really depends on the female. Her genetic makeup and what she is looking for. It is nice you pointed out ways to further tone it. I also don't like that you didn't include cables. Dude in every workout I do I include cables. I don't want to make this too long but there are some awesome awesome glute exercises using cables.
    • How do you figure out your own genetic makeup and potential, as a guy especially and in terms of growing your butt.

      I'm of mostly British and other Western European ancestry, don't know how big the correlation is between ethnic heritage and genetics as far as some things go.

    • Red_Dragon

      @UncleJessieRabbit Well what kind of guy are you? Are you rather slim or a bigger guy?

    • Slimmish, I guess.

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  • more_than_a_guy
    To gain muscle you have to get protein, you can't convert fat (lipid) to protein (amino acids). Another thing is that for hypertrophy (gaining muscle mass), you have to get high intensity with low reps.
  • Cynicaldreamer
    I'd love a follow up mytake on how to lose fat while maintaining muscle: that's my issue.

    That and abs: every woman wants flat, toned abs.
    • Red_Dragon

      Read my post.

    • Apope16

      Cynicaldreamer I think what is best is for you to send me a PM with more detail on your situation. I know that is a tricky place to be in. But off hand if you want to actually lose weight you need to change your diet AND do more cardio (running, stairmaster). Its really that simple. There are specific exercises you can do for your abs that i can get into later.

    • Red_Dragon

      I disagree. I think overall weight lifting is key. Not just cardio. Cardio is just mostly a lung exercise. Yeah it'll help but it'll be a slower process than a combination of weight lifting and cardio. Yeah ab workouts help but if your main issue is loosing weight those other two need to be the main focus. Like for example with me my abdomen has never been very far. Genetically I naturally keep a flat stomach so for me just doing abs exercises is fine if I want abs. But for someone who is say over weight they need to lose the weight first. You're not getting that by just doing ab exercises.

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  • I got bad knees lmao. But i’d give it a try. I can just imagine my knees poppin the whole time. Everytime i tried squats that shit hurt so i stopped puttin in work. I dont eat yougurt nor nuts so I don't know what i’ll do in regards to that. As for the stairmaster, I've always been too short for that other thing thats similar to the stairs. But ig i could give em a try. I just know my fckin knees gonna pop like when i used to walk up the stairs in college
    • I saw someone mentioned leg press. I like the seated leg press but i assume that won't work the same

    • JSmuve

      Seated leg press isn't a very good option. It's worse than doing stand up squats.

    • @JSmuve damn whys that? I love it so much haha

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  • LiliTyaka
    Just a small opinion from me.
    Dont forget the upper Body, and anyway if you have problems in the back expecially in the lower back dont do squats with a barbell. You can do them with dumbbells.
    And dont forget the Proteins muscles need Proteins for getting bigger 😊
    • Red_Dragon

      This is very true. Squats can definitely cause back problems. Posture is so important. You know you see people all the time wearing those back belts which is fine if you are just squatting but I see people wear them outside of that and that's probably not a good idea.

  • OpenNudist
    It's Quite Simple, Get Off Your Fat Ass And Work Out!!! LMFAO
  • Big butts are not attractive-- fit, toned asses are attractive. Bigness is not the point.
    • Apope16

      Its okay to have that opinion. Thats fine. It was a response to a question.

      I personally am more of a boob guy than a butt guy.

  • Shutupman
    Just no, squats and lunges are great compound excercises but do not specifically target the glutes. In fact for most their quads will take over and grow bigger/out of proportion.

    If you want to improve your glutes you need to isolate those muscles and do excercises specifically for those muscles, such as glute bridges, frog bridges, donkey kicks, lateral band walks, fire hydrant, and so many more that are 1000 more effective than the 3 excercises you listed. 🤦
  • wisefool
    I hate the whole big butt trend. It's not even attractive to me. Here's an idea, instead of trying to make your butt stand out more, how bout actually working on yourself, mentally and spiritually. Actually making yourself a better person instead of just trying to be noticed more. Being noticed doesn't make people like you or make you more tolerable in any way.
  • What I really need is a smaller booty. That would make shopping for clothes so much easier because I’m pear-shaped and almost every time something fits my waist, it’s too small for my butt.
    • Why don’t you just shop somewhere else?

    • @R3DthatDude Obviously I’ve looked at different stores and brands. It’s hard to find clothes I like that fit me.

    • Red_Dragon

      Well depending on your body structure squats may actually help you lose the size of your butt but gain tone.

  • Banded squats, banded kickbacks, banded gluten bridges, leg press, hip thrusts, and the ad/abduction machines are what helped to build my butt. Oh and treadmill with high incline.
  • Bethmelan123
    Am really lucky 'cause I don't have to try. My bum is really big.
  • FictionalCharacter
    Also Hydraulic Stepper. Then you’ll get a butt like JLO.
  • Browneye57
    Perhaps a very tiny bit for any girl. If you think they're gonna get a big ass from squats you're dreaming. This is about genetics, not exercise.
    • Browneye57

      @AnnelieseTindee - LOL And we want you to. ;)

    • Apope16

      its about genetics. sure. but it is also about diet and the exercises that you do. It does say "big booty" its say "bigger booty". The booty is just like any other muscle of the body. protein, calories, muscle resistance. that grows muscle.

    • You're dreaming man. Girls are not guys. GTFO

  • JSmuve
    I have to disagree. Squats, while good, are overrated. They target the thighs specifically and don't really activate the glutes. If you want to hit the glutes, you need something that involves hip extension. The stairmaster isn't a good option either because I've seen so many people half-ass it (excuse the pun) and slouch on the stairmaster, which takes the tension away from their glutes and puts it on their lower back. I agree about lunges, though.

    Frankly, there are far better butt exercises than the generic ones you mentioned out there that can get better results with less effort.
  • humanearth
    What can you do if you have bad knees and no longer can do the required amount of squats or lunges
    • Apope16

      I would go on walks in hilly areas. Maybe hike. At home do 10 squats with weights a few times a day. Go further down as you gain strength.

    • Squats are almost impossible. They are now using a cane to get around

  • American_Centurion
    Use contraception. Women in contraception get fat asses.
  • lockster
    Oh god girls are so lucky. I have to workout my legs chest and everything holy hell
  • db684
    Do squats everyday. Then you can get 🎂 pretty quickly.
  • UncleJessieRabbit
    Very great, do you have any ideas of substitutes for improvising a dumbbell or barbell, specifically with enough of the weight?
  • 007kingifrit
    big butts are not attractive
    • @007kingifrit omg we actually agreed on something. Also not stalking you. Just coincidentally we click on the same myTake.

    • Apope16

      I agree. but as I said to this other guy. These exercises can prevent a "saggy butt". they can make it rounder and perky. The difference really is the diet you have. less protein and a lean weight will give you more of a nice butt shape rather than something big.

  • Wide leg squats with a dumbell in the hands works well on activating the glutes from my experience.
  • Valentinarose
    I’m trying to get rid of mine so if anyone wants it 😂
  • sensible27
    Decent take? Do it on mens exercises.
    • Apope16

      If you knee about ladies you'd know this could be a mens take too. Ask any lady friends of yours in college if they like a guy's butt.

    • sensible27

      Some of them do, some of them don't. As is usual with things like these but if majority like it or not is not something I have measured lol.

    • @sensible27 - These are all exercises I see men doing in the gym often. Deadlifts are so good too ☺

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  • Toaster928
    "I've got a big, big booty! I've got a very big booty!"
  • FatMan223
  • YourGirlGigi
    No, need. Born with it.
    • beatcoock

      Lucky you 😂 Lucky me if I see it 😂

    • An ass is an ass, my friend.

    • beatcoock

      Big ass is love, My friend

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  • elisa_0
    How can I get a smaller one? LOL
    • Itsme22


    • elisa_0

      I have a big butt 🤣!

    • Itsme22

      Bigger than Kardashian?

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  • carebear33
    Do I have to eat in a surplus to build muscle
    • Red_Dragon

      I'd say there's a threshold of calory intake you'll need but it's important to instead of eating a lot in one sitting to spread it out. So if you eat 3 times a day try five or six times a day but in slightly smaller portions. This gives your body time to digest and turn that food into glucose, break down your nutrients, better, etc. As opposed to just trying to hurry up and put it somewhere this putting it into fat.

    • Apope16

      The answer is YES. absolutely. I suppose you can follow my advice above carebear33 and find some results over time. But it would really be more toning what you already have packing.

      The truth is that if you want to maximize muscle... even in your booty... you need to be eating a higher amount of calories than you normally do AND at the same time doing workouts with higher weight resistence. So doing fully weighted leg press and squats or going on the stairmaster machine for 20 minutes to 30 minutes each day. I am telling you... if you are safe but push yourself you are going to notice same changes in a few months. What I would do is during the fall and winter eat more protein and more calories. Then starting in the summer maintain your workouts but change your diet to lose weight. You will lose that tummy fat but that booty will show more.

  • Jacked_Jones
    How to Get a Bigger Booty? Train your Booty.
  • NatalieKeller95
    it's genetics that determine it
  • Fuentes
    Sus !!!
  • grif429
    get a injection like kim k.
  • Kingfish3447
    100 squats a day
  • mohsenre63isf
    sleep a lot
  • Anonymous
    Good advice
  • Anonymous
    Nothing new here.
    That being said, squat isn't the "go to" for a bigger butt contrary to what what most believe.
  • Anonymous
    Huge asses are disgusting. Will never date my first girlfriend if she has a huge ass. I’m tired of all the trends that dictate why there’s never any chances.
    • Apope16

      I am more of a boob guy. But these exercises will make the ass perky and round. If she wants less size of ass and better shape she can just reduce the protein in her diet.

  • Anonymous
    It’s funny how a man wrote this. Men really ain’t shit these days lol
  • Anonymous
    I just "identify" as having a larger booty. No exercise needed. The men are suddenly more attracted to me now, saying how much better my bum looks.
    Thats how that works you know.
  • Anonymous
    Your first productive mytake
  • Anonymous
    you should make my take about how to get bigger boobs
    • Hahahah!

    • Anonymous

      @Gisellebaby111111111 hahahahaaaa

    • You’re hilarious!!

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  • Anonymous
    Tbh, I've known women who do all this and still don't have much of an ass. I think you can add a little kick/tone it up, but if you're expecting to be Beyonce/J-Lo bootylicious or above, then you will probably be disappointed. It's better to enhance what you have and learn to love what you got, ladies. A lot of chicks with flat butts will take your advice and still be sad. Try to embrace and be comfortable with yourselves ladies! If you must get surgery, I guess... but try to embrace and accept yourself first and do your research. I don't know if I think it's worth risking my life for any surgical enhancement, but I'm also pretty content with my body/face. Just be careful ladies!

    I can't help but laugh though at the irony sometimes. white people used to be all about the flat butt and now more of them love bigger butts. I think it's just a trend for them though. Where was this trend when I was 15? lol As a black/mixed girl growing up in a predominantly white and Asian area, I tried so hard to lose my butt in the healthiest ways in high school and even part of college. I hopped aboard the big booty judy train early and it felt weird compared to my friends. Butt would not budge and I'm glad it didn't now, but I wonder when the trend is going to switch back for the mainstream white audience. Don't worry, little booties. Your time will come again! :D

    Everyone, embrace your tushie.
  • Anonymous
    Nice. Now there will be more attention whores in the gym that only do ass workouts.
  • Anonymous
    But why?
  • Anonymous
    How do you get a smaller one?
    • Itsme22

      Is small booty a new fashion.

    • Anonymous

      @Itsme22 No

    • Itsme22

      So why you want a small one

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