When (and when not) to wear a face mask

When (and when not) to wear a face mask

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing okay amidst the pandemic.

I wanted to share this myTake because I feel there is no real guidance out for there for the general public about face masks and when to wear them or not. I work in the NHS in a hospital and in GP surgeries in the UK and I'm seeing a lot of confusion about face masks by the general public.

I think a lot of healthcare workers take for granted their general PPE knowledge seeing as we're trained in how to use it and/or have some general knowledge about infection control. The public who work in all kinds of jobs, might not have this knowledge or training, so this is for you guys! I feel that relieving some uncertainties about this could help people feel more in control and less anxious.

I have had patients complain about staff not wearing masks in some instances, so this myTake may help people understand the reasons behind it. I will also include a section about disposable gloves and why you shouldn't wear them.

Disclaimer: This information is from one UK NHS worker (not a doctor/nurse). It may not apply to everyone/to all countries. This is based on my own personal opinion, with some facts thrown in, and isn't an order. Do what makes you feel comfortable, but some information won't hurt. :)

When to wear a mask:

  • When you cannot keep a two metre distance from others or there is a likelihood that you will come into close contact with others, for around 15 minutes. Wearing a mask to go to the supermarket is a good example of a time to wear one because not everyone follows the guidelines of the two metre rule and you are standing around/near people for a long period of time. This is why it's becoming mandatory to wear face masks when on public transport and it's advisable to wear one when going to a GP surgery or hospital where you'll be close to a staff member for an appointment.
  • When coming into contact with someone with COVID symptoms or confirmed COVID, but this should always include further PPE like overalls, gloves, visor/goggles etc. Of course, you should avoid someone with COVID or those who have symptoms.
  • If you have COVID symptoms, to protect others (though you should isolate completely from others if you have any COVID symptoms, which now includes loss of taste/smell).

When you don't need to wear a mask (unless you want to):

  • In your car when driving alone. You aren't in contact with anyone, you're alone so there is no need to wear one in the car, unless you had someone in your car that isn't from your household, but this goes against current guidelines. Driving alone is a good opportunity to get a break from wearing a mask and reduces the chance of it getting musky inside your mask. There is now guidance from CDC suggesting it can be unsafe to wear masks in the car after a person passed out at the wheel from wearing a mask for several hours. Not only were they wearing it for an unnecessary amount of time, they wore an N95 mask which are clinical masks used by medical staff treating COVID patients, an unnecessary piece of equipment for a member of the public to wear. N95 masks can make breathing very difficult and are considerably harder to keep on for long periods compared to the common blue and white paper masks.
  • When going for a walk on your own or with your own household. Unless of course, you know you will be coming into close contact with others outside of your household, who you will remain in contact with for a longer period of time. All you need to do is keep your distance from others as you walk past each other. Be mindful of coughing, sneezing or even talking when walking past people as these can release particles into the air. Do all of those things when you're far enough away from others. There is generally a low level risk when walking past people briefly without a mask and this is why you might see staff walking through corridors without a mask. Some staff have been told not to wear masks outside of clinical areas for fear that it would panic the public, though this may have changed recently, so be mindful that most staff aren't being negligent.
    When (and when not) to wear a face mask

General mask information:

  • The common blue and white paper masks that staff wear are designed to be worn for short periods. They are after disposed of after a couple of hours. Wearing them for longer than this or continuing to use them over a number of days/weeks/months means the mask is practically useless and could possibly be riddled with germs. Only higher grade masks used for COVID wards can be worn for longer, but that is usually up to 8 hours and they cannot be taken off for those 8 hours, otherwise it'll have to be replaced.
  • Masks are designed to protect others around you, from you. They are less about protecting you from others, as particles can still go into your eyes. This is why I support people wearing masks as much as possible when in busier areas or when coming into the hospital/doctor surgery. It will protect staff and those around you.
  • Ideally, you should be washing your fabric face masks every day/when you've finished using it that day. Hopefully people are already doing this and understand why this is important, but you never know.
  • If you're at a time where you need to wear your mask, briefly taking it down to talk to someone defeats the point, unless they are 2-metres away from you. I am seeing a lot of people in riots wearing masks but pulling them down under their chin and leaving them there. There is no point having the mask at that point.
  • If you are wearing a mask and it's becoming uncomfortable/moist inside (this would normally suggest it needs to be disposed of), usually because people are wearing them continuously unnecessarily, it is okay to unhook it from one ear and let it hang whilst you get a breath, only when away from others. You should imagine that the virus is sitting on the front of your mask, so using your finger to pull it down to sit under you chin means your finger and your chin could then be contaminated. Unhooking it from one ear without touching the front minimises this risk.
  • If you don't have a mask, wrapping a scarf around your face is better than nothing. It is mainly about preventing small particles from your mouth and nose from getting into the atmosphere, which can happen just from talking.
  • Please don't ask staff for a mask; we need that protection for ourselves and in most cases, you won't be given one.
    When (and when not) to wear a face mask

Disposable gloves

  • The general public do not need to wear disposable gloves. If anything, these can spread the virus even more because people are washing their hands less.
  • There are hand sanitisers everywhere that people are encouraged to use, but some people wearing gloves won't use them because they don't want to remove their gloves and put them back on again. The people without gloves on are much more likely to use hand sanitiser. If you're adamant on wearing your gloves, at least sanitise them when you're asked to do so.
  • They are disposable gloves for a reason; they should be used for one task and then disposed of, not worn all day for many tasks. Unless you have a box of them in your handbag and you are regularly changing them after each task, that's fine, but I imagine most people aren't doing this.
  • If you take your gloves off for whatever reason, you shouldn't put them back on, they should be disposed of.
  • Depending on how busy my shift is, I can change my gloves anywhere from 15-40 times in 4 hours. I'm sure you wouldn't want a staff member to treat you with the same gloves they wore with many other patients before you. Why? Because of germs!
    When (and when not) to wear a face mask

I want to end by saying, please don't be scared about going into hospital or surgeries if you need to go. Patients are telling me that they're too scared about going to the hospital but personally, the level of risk in the hospital and a GP surgery is about the same. A&E is quieter than its ever been and you're greeted with nurses in full PPE (which protects you from them) who check each patient before they can even enter the building.

I actually feel that supermarkets are a higher risk because customers don't have their temperatures or symptoms checked and anyone can walk in. The amount of times a family member has told me that they've come into contact with people coughing whilst shopping is worrying! I'm actually more nervous about going shopping than going to work as there are better precautions put in place. Patients are sat apart or kept outside and appointments are staggered.

Hospitals are generally quieter at the moment and all staff who come into contact with you will have masks to protect you from them. And you won't look weird if you wear a mask into the hospital or surgery either because I know some people worry about looking overcautious sometimes. Some places actually prefer patients to wear them.

Of course, the best way to protect yourself is to stay home if you don't have to go out and minimise human contact.

So there you have it! I hope this has been somewhat informative/helpful to people. Apologies if something doesn't make sense or I've missed something, but feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. Again, this isn't gospel, do whatever makes you feel comfortable/safe, but whatever you do, don't be like this woman:

When (and when not) to wear a face mask

Stay safe!

When (and when not) to wear a face mask
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  • dantetheexplorer
    If the people who have commented here about how masks are completely useless all come from the US, I can see why the US had staggering amounts of death compared to other countries, especially in Asian countries where mask-wearing is an everyday phenomenon and people who do not wear masks are looked upon as rude barbarians who endanger the lives of everybody they come into contact with.

    My mother was a nurse, a profession I hold in great, great, great respect, and deeply admire, and I learned the basics of medicine very early on, and it has been hugely beneficial to my life ever since, even when I did not end up doing medicine in college.

    This post was very well-written.
    But the sheer ignorance in many of these comments is... to be honest, staggering.
    I feel like these people need to have been introduced to Epidemiology 101 in high school, at the very least.

    But then, as my professor is won't to tell me, "Evolution of the human species will be the main benefactor of such ignorance".
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      I'm also getting the sense the clueless, uneducated, yet completely obnoxious comments are from Americans. Half of them don't seem to think it's real and they think lockdown takes away their freedom which is so stupid. They're the only country that thinks this way. Americans are too much in their own bubble, thinking they know it all and that they live in the best country in the world, whilst everyone sees them as a laughing stock.

    • Wait till you hear the conspiracy theorists: "COVID-19 is just a lie, a piece of fiction, cooked up to keep us all bound to the government and to prevent us from exercising our freedoms!" Not to mention the placards going up during the protests that read "We demand haircuts". *facepalm*

    • Anonymous

      Oh well, Corona will get them sooner or later. They won't be demanding haircuts when their relatives are dying.

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  • Teyfet
    Good, informative post. Too bad more people won't read it. I especially appreciate how you say masks are worn more to protect others, than yourself. They are most beneficial when worn by someone with a coronavirus (or similar disease) to help contain the contagion. However, since people can be asymptomatic (& not know they have the disease), it is always wisest to wear a mask when in close proximity to others, & especially important to wear a mask anytime you will be near to anyone who may be at higher risk for developing severe symptoms. Thanks again for the information. (If only politicians would read & disseminate this info.)
    Is this still revelant?
    • If only conservatives would listen...

    • Teyfet

      Yes, but listening & understanding are, unfortunately, 2 different things.

    • Do not rely on this information we haven't confirmed this in the labs you don't even know if this "NHS worker" is real and her making her account anonymous is very suspicious.
      But I can tell you she doesn't know what she's talking about she's recommending to wash face masks? NO NEVER but below she says to dispose of gloves correct so I don't know what's going on here but fact is even in my laboratory we using something like gloves and masks for organic solvents we throw them away never reuse. We've not confirmed any of this research takes time to do pieces of this advice could be harming you not helping bottom line do not listen and use your common sense and anything you would have done before this pandemic nothing more till we get report rolling who gets it through to the NHS after confirmation.

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  • sejla
    95% of the people in my area don't wear masks. i do but I figure that is relatively fruitless at this point.
  • BurnHollywoodBurn
    They don't prevent the virus from spreading bottom line. There is a mask that they use in a lab to prevent a virus and this is not that. They also do not protect someone else from getting the virus it is a piece of cloth it does nothing. Dr. Fauci recently stated that the masks do nothing they are a symbol of showing support to healthcare workers. Put the mask on and test your oxygen with a pulse oximeter. Your oxygen is going to drop now imagine someone with COPD or asthma being forced to wear a mask they are going to pass out from the mask. Imagine someone working 40 hours a week with the mask on more than likely eventually they are going to pass out too. You people sit here and believe anything you hear and you ignore the red flags. The media says the virus cannot spread at a BLM riot but can spread at a Trump rally? I am no Trump supporter but how is this possible? There are so many inconsistencies with info we have been given because we have been given mostly disinfo. I watched my country that was about freedom turn into a communist country with contact tracing where they can remove your children from the home. If you think any of this is about a virus it's not it is about pushing agendas. It is about taking freedom away from those of us who still have it.
    • Anonymous

      I am asthmatic and I wear mine fine. Also met patients who have COPD who are fine wearing one.

      "You people sit here and believe anything you hear"
      Pretty sure that applies to you, not to me, someone who's working on the frontline and has managed to avoid getting the virus throughout, whilst people who are sat at home during lockdown with too much free time believe a load of bull online and like to again believe conspiracy theories. Use your time more wisely.

    • Conspiracy theory? The economy and the healthcare system are ruined! As far as people dropping this is from a mutual friend's FB page and what happened at her work place and there are many more people saying this the mainstream media is not going to tell you though,
      A co-worker and friend blacked out and almost died the other day working at the farmstand because the weather was extremely hot and humid. The stupid face mask restricted her oxygen intake and affected her breathing. The ambulance was also called in.

      My friend, who is the owner of the family farm where I work tried to get the face mask ordinance lifted at the farmstand for our convenience and safety but was coerced by the State to no avail.

      This is why we need a free market and say, 'FUCK THE STATE!' 👩🏻‍🌾✌️

    • A co-worker and friend blacked out and almost died the other day working at the farmstand because the weather was extremely hot and humid. The stupid face mask restricted her oxygen intake and affected her breathing. The ambulance was also called in.

      My friend, who is the owner of the family farm where I work tried to get the face mask ordinance lifted at the farmstand for our convenience and safety but was coerced by the State to no avail.

      This is why we need a free market and say, 'FUCK THE STATE!' 👩🏻‍🌾✌️

  • Daniel3035
    STOP ! STOP ! STOP! Wrong or Right you don't know so don't spread this information.
    "If you don't have a mask, wrapping a scarf around your face is better than nothing" NO!
    It is the same as nothing as studies have found COVID - 19 is between 70-120nm now you take a needle for a scarf does that fir through the scarf? Yes yes it does how bigs that needle? 1mm less than that maybe do you think something that's a million times smaller is going to be prevented by something that can hold a million virus "particles" no.
    "Masks are designed to protect others around you, from you" NO! masks were designed to prevent the contaminated atmosphere from contaminating your lungs. It just so happens that something that stops the outside from going inside works the opposite way but in no way were they designed for that purpose.

    Bottom Line: I could go on and on but the point is we DO NOT know enough you have to let us research and communicate over to you the results which takes time there is no evidence to back that any of this is factual or reliable. So nobody not even you if you work in medical industry should rely on this take it with a pinch of salt and use logic applied with your standard knowledge of pathogens to keep you and others safe.
    Chemists never designed/engineered masks for these situations even then they have to be airtight which they're not viruses can get in from the sides easily at the right trajectory. Even if this was true it is pointless as recently confirmed by scientists you can transmit COVID 19 through your eyes so your lungs may be protected but if your eyes are not it's a gamble.
    MChem, LLB (Hons)
    • I MUST STRESS DO NOT re wash throw away re washing riskes spreading. Spain has already found COVID 19 in water from beaches etc throw away (safely) DO NOT re use if your masks catches the virus it will multiply on your mask hence throw away washing will not remove the germs 100% and it only takes one to reproduce and then infect you.

    • Anonymous

      Please stop sharing your conspiracy theories and misinformation.

    • Mytakeowner you are a fucking moron there have been no studies done on these masks and if they prevent the spread. Where are the studies? There are none! They just know stupid idiots like yourself will suffocate yourself because the news tells you to.

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  • The following is a box of masks that people are preaching that everyone needs to wear.. read the underlined text and tell me how effective they are.. yes.. they are surgical masks..
    • Anonymous

      It's because masks are to be worn for the protection of others. It stops your particles being spread into the air when you talk, cough or sneeze. It's a barrier for other people, not yourself. Most people know this.

    • Apparently you didn't read the box, it says it does not prevent the transmission of the virus, nor does it prevent the receiving of the virus.. Please learn to read..

    • Yeah the asker is a little on the misinformed, ignorant side.

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  • MountAverage
    If anybody wants to know why the pandemic is so bad in the US while in Europe it's already getting better, just read some of the replies here. This right here, is what's wrong with America. A country full of illiterate science-deniers who all deserve a Dunning-Kruger award for their confidence.
    • gotc147

      What do you mean "so bad"? Our numbers are better or roughly equal to Europe's.

    • Anonymous

      Only Americans would fight against wearing a mask because it's against their "FreEd0m" and that God breathed air into them and this is preventing God's breath and killing people. This is why science and critical thinking should come wayyy before religion.

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  • rose004b
    Thank you for sharing. Is there an official recommendation regarding how masks should be washed? In France, the official recommendation is to wash cloth masks at a temperature of 60° for at least 30 minutes.
    • Anonymous

      That sounds about right. Chucking them into your washing machine and even tumble drying at high heat should be plenty.

  • DocT1977
    Hi there. I'm going to be honest. I won't wear them period. I have seen so many flip flops, walk backs, inconsistencies and fudged numbers that this scare tactic no longer holds any credibility with me. For that reason, I soundly rejected it.
  • Jamie05rhs
    This is a GREAT MyTake!! Thank you so much. I think the site should give you some kind of official recognition for posting this.

    by the way, are we to assume that the last photo is a joke?
    • Anonymous

      Thank-you, I appreciate your feedback! :)

      That last photo is a screenshot from a video of a woman actually walking into a shop like that saying she cut it because she couldn't breathe properly in her mask: www.dailymail.co.uk/.../...kes-easier-breathe.html

    • Anonymous

      I'm already an Editor by the way, so my myTakes automatically get promoted, so I guess that's kind of recognition? :P

    • Jamie05rhs


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  • leftis25
    You should never wear mask... it doesn't protect u from any disease. It only destroy your lungs and makes u look like scorpion from mortal kombat
    • Anonymous

      Where does it say it destroys your lungs? My lungs are just fine and I've had to wear them in work. It seems people who don't work in healthcare have the most misinformation to share.

    • Anonymous

      You're talking about CO2 : Doctors usually get sick when they're outside of work, not in work. Doctors don't wear 4 masks either. I can tell you've never worked in a hospital.
      Please stop believing everything you read on FB.

    • leftis25

      No i am not a doctor but i know how those things work. Go in a room with full of sick people and wear your mask. If you u come out healthy i will pay you even if everyone wears a mask u will still get sick.. special from. a virus like corona which spreads soo easy.. but its not deadly

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  • D4nielv
    And for the love of God, don't put it over your mouth with your nose sticking out. You're still breathing unfiltered air through your nose and you're pretty much wearing a mask for no reason, except to make a fool out of yourself.
  • Jessie91331
    When we go out, masks are on if I'm near people, like the store. Mainly just staying home, avoiding as many people as I can. Sad how many people think this is not real. Maybe it will be a way for the Darwin effect to happen, let these idiots who deny how serious it is, catch the virus or one of the mutations , die, then we all move on.
  • shygirl789
    how would you go about wearing a mask when you work in an environment where its hot and you do physical work? I'm sweaty and the mask gets moist and wet
    • Anonymous

      It's very hot and sweaty in hospitals. Staff have been passing out because of it. You just have to let yourself sweat and change the mask when it's getting too moist/wet.

  • Darcia
    Here in America, it is supposed to be mandatory to wear a mask but wearing gloves is optional seeing that gloves don’t prevent the spread of the virus. I still wear my mask when others don’t and try to steer clear of others when they don’t social distance.
  • captain_voidwalker
    You should only wear a face mask if you yourself are sick
    Masks are designed to stop you from spreading sickness not stop you from catching sickness
    • Anonymous

      This is mentioned in the myTake if you read it. :)

    • Ever heard of asymptomatic carriers? They carry it without symptoms but they can still spread it. Weird stuff but I ain't a M. D.

    • @HomerSexual You are 17 and clueless masks are not to be worn at all. Surgeon General Jerome Adams Tuesday doubled down on his advice against healthy people wearing face masks to protect themselves from coronavirus, saying that wearing one improperly can "actually increase your risk" of getting the disease.

      "What the World Health Organization and the CDC have reaffirmed in the last few days is that they do not recommend the general public wear masks," Adams told Fox News' "Fox and Friends." "There was a study in 2015 looking at medical students. And medical students wearing surgical masks touch their faces on average 23 times. We know a major way that you can get respiratory diseases like coronavirus is by touching a surface and then touching your face."

  • Radio4men
    Wearing a mask kills us. Breathing our own CO2 is super unhealthy. Dont understand the idiotic pressure to wear it by force.
    • sensible27


    • Radio4men

      @paronomasia Keep wearing it then. Lets see what happens to you.

    • Anonymous

      I've been wearing them almost every day for many hours since March, I'm fine.

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  • pleasestopthis
    Excellent! I wish more people were aware of this, but there always the same dumbtards who think know better. I too work in healthcare and feel like rolling my eyes when I see people wearing gloves instead of washing their hands... gloves are USELESS if you don't use them properly.
  • Everyone wears a mask of some sort anyways for purposes of the concept of face, the only difference now is that the reason people are being honest about it is due to covid 19 which makes people that much better pawns due to them consenting to the universal sin called Fear and violating the tenet of the Code of Bushido called Yu aka Courage.
  • BigBoyRoy
    Never they dont work and they restrict the amount if oxygen getting into your lungs...
    • Anonymous

      They help prevent you spreading the infection, not from you getting infected, but this is of course in the myTake. You can breathe fine in most masks, it's just the general public aren't used to them that's all.

    • DocT1977

      The only problem is this. There are several sources, including the Surgeon General stating that people who are not sick have no need to wear them. Other studies have shown that a mask has the ability to filter out a coronavirus much in the same regard that a chain link fence can filter out mosquitoes.

    • @DocT1977 Say what, have you ever heard of asymptomatic carriers? They can still spread Covid-19 but they don't caue any symptoms. It's weird but I ain't no scientist.

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  • paronomasia
    Very good points. It was brave of you to post this with all the quacks on here who seem to know everything, like Radio4Men who blocked me because I wasn’t taking his insults!
  • tmo318
    The pandemic is over. Not even talked about in the news during protest and riots where thousands are not social distancing and thousands not wearing mask correctly
    • Jxess

      Its not over. And just because they do not obey the rules and are dumb enough to wear the masks wrong doesn't mean the virus isn't still amongst us. Just because not everyone is talking about it means its over. If im not talking about you every second of the day it does not mean you are gone or dead either.

  • SweetDisaster
    When you leave your home wear a mask the right way the only thing people get to see is your eyes only, wear gloves and keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times, don't touch your face, and always wash your hands. Keep your distance and don't touch anything unless is necessary. It's exactly what I always tell my family. That's what I always do. Called me a freak if you most, I don't care. Better safe then sorry.
  • TheAfrikan
    Thank you a lot for the sweet message. zit really meant a lot being posted I here. So it is also like if am to storm into the gym. I better keep on that mask. Since since also people in there cannot maintain there 2 😧 meters rule. Thank you.
  • GraveDoll
    i wear a mask when i go shopping and being a social worker when Im force to visit my clients homes.

    my sisters a Nurse and the other is a Radiographer. so i high respect for the medical crew

    i appreciate this take.

    my mother is a dialyses patient so it really nice when see and meet people who are that consideration of her. it horrible because my dad keeps her in the house so much these days and they fight. he just want to keep his wife alive as long as she got.

    so i have no problem being considerate and respectful of others. even though i know it a dying jester these days, for others. which is just sad.
    • 0679954066

      Well I guess you have every reason to wear a mask, you should understand the concept of health since you got a sister as nurse.

  • I see this (that i posted below) waaaay too much (and way before the riots began) and im just like why you even wearing a mask. Before corona got superbad, people on planes and in airports kept doing this and it annoyed me. Like they’d get all in your face

    “If you're at a time where you need to wear your mask, briefly taking it down to talk to someone defeats the point, unless they are 2-metres away from you. I am seeing a lot of people in riots wearing masks but pulling them down under their chin and leaving them there. There is no point having the mask at that point.”
  • MysteriousDarkness
    I know many people who get light headed and headaches from wearing the masks including myself unless I take one side of it off at least 4 or 5 times an hour for 5+ minutes at a time while at work.
    • Well the person who made this post falls for propaganda and lies and calls facts conspiracy theories.

  • najekim
    98% of the places I go into I don't bother with the stupid thing. That includes grocery stores, convenience stores, Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, and our pharmacy among other places.
  • Never, they dont work, and they restrict your breathing, and keep in mind the covid 19 death rate is.02 so why tf would you have to wear a mask anyway?
  • modelUN242
    I don't wear a mask because it makes it hard to breathe, I like my fresh air.
    • Anonymous

      With a healthy dose of COVID.

    • I have been exposed many times, and so far nothing, I'm healthy, nothing to worry about. There are scarier things in life than this.

  • MissDawn7961
    I wear mine win I am getting ready to walk into the store but once I am outside and in my vehicle it comes off ! thanks
  • Loveydove
    As far as an aside. Hand sanitizer does not replace hand washing. If you do not wash your hands first hand sanitizer is ineffective.
  • Blacksnake285
    Never, you dont need it but idiots continue to use them
    • Jxess

      Yeah why would you not need it? Do some research before you state something that is not true

    • Jxess

      I'm sorry? That is totally off topic and really racist

    • Some indians look good with thick lips

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I don't wear a face mask at home.
    I don't wear a mask inside our motorhome.
    I don't wear a mask when I'm on board our boat.
    I don't wear a face mask in my own cars.
    I wear a mask when I walk or jog with my husband and our dogs.
    I wear a mask when I enter any establishment.
    I wear a mask in public places when I see there are other people besides me.
    I always have 2 masks, 2 pairs of gloves & a small spray bottle of alcohol handy.
    If I have a guest at home who has tested negative of COVID-19, I won't wear a face mask in my own home.
  • not329446
    Guidance? People don't need guidance they need common sense. Ignorance is a piss poor substitute.
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    It's sad some people still don't understand that the point of wearing mask is not to "filter out coronavirus" lol

    The key concepts are aerosol and droplet, imagine them like the vehicles that the virus got on, then they are launched openly into the air and potentially your face if people don't wear mask.https://www.youtube.com/embed/BA2BOT3A70whttps://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202004.0203/v1

  • jhnny1331
    Hi ho sliver and away... Anyone else want to rob a liquor store?
  • Gedaria
    I thought the NHS recent ruling to wear a mask every where while in the hospital...
  • gotc147
    When to wear a mask: never.
  • Knuxx
    Great MyTake
    • Anonymous

      Thank-you. :D

  • DJ1998
    All ridiculous anyway
    • Got any better ideas, Einstein?

    • DJ1998

      Do what you want if you get it you get it a week later you won't have to worry about it again

  • Elsa143
    Yes wearing disposable gloves is not good.
  • Great advice, these are some very useful tips!
  • Jxess
    Thanks for educating some people on here
  • sensible27
    There's not much downside to it. Thoseee eyesssss.
  • lpoots
    never wear masks or gloves
    • Gloves, I understand. But why not masks?

    • lpoots

      wearing masks is as useful as using a dolphin net to catch plankton

    • How though? Just wondering.

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  • pizzalovershouse
    Great point an take 👍👍👍
  • BillysBabe
    Awesome 👌
  • bourgeisenafied
    Outside when, no one is around.
    • Bro, I don't think there is a social stigma (unless if you're surrounded by Republicans in that case, you have to book it.)

  • Iron_Man
    You always wear it out in public unless eating out
  • Fuentes
    I just wear them inside places thats it
  • Anonymous
    I just "identify" as someone who is currently wearing a mask. Poof. I get no looks or any trouble.
    PLUS I can just identify as someone who is immune to covid.