Merry Christmas Gag!


Among all the drama on the site and all the questions and comments, it's Christmas.

And while I'm not a very socially active person, I guess I'll get into the spirit a little bit today.

Today is about spending time.

And often, that time more and more runs out. Parents and extended family get older as you get older.

Younger generations take over the spot you once had.

So spend this Christmas with the people you care most about! And enjoy the day.

Merry Christmas.

Thats a stock photo, :P
That's a stock photo, :P

Getting older is depressing as f*ck 😭.

Merry Christmas Gag!
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  • funkit46
    Getting older does suck I basically because my aches and pains but I like the experience and knowledge I gain there is no replacing it
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  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Christmas was a cool time for me this year.
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  • kaylaS91
    There’s drama on the site?
    Lol but thanks, merry Christmas to you as well! 😊
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  • hardstv
  • lsjr16
    Merry Christmas
  • daady69

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