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1 mo

Do you give money to your family when they need it?

Yup, my sister (best friend that’s become family) needed help paying her tuition so I gave her money for that that’s a loan she will be paying back. But if she needs help buying some groceries or... Family & Friends

1 mo

Do you make a big deal when it is your birthday?

No, I don’t tell people it’s my birthday and try to fly under the radar. I actually forgot about my birthday this year lol my sister came downstairs and woke me up to wish me a happy birthday and... Family & Friends

3 mo

Girls, what would you call your female friend or platonic female friend?

My best friends have pretty much graduated from friend to family so sister Family & Friends

3 mo

How would you feel if you discover you are going to have twins?

Congrats to you it seems like kids are something you want. For me however amount doesn’t change the outcome of scheduled abortion. Family & Friends

4 mo

Is it attractive when you see someone who is good with kids or has baby fever?

I’ve never had baby fever. I get puppy fever and foal fever but never baby fever. I’m not a huge fan of kids but I don’t hate kids. Those that are good with kids are attractive yes; in the sense... Family & Friends

4 mo

Do you have any fun stories of your pet/pets?

Most funny stories are at his expense 😅 also a bit of an owner fail. I must preface this with the vet was consulted and walked me through everything. So I’m a full time student and I work... Family & Friends

4 mo

Why do some people have dogs all throughput their lives?

I don’t think about the loss. I think about the memories in between. Yes it will shatter me when my boy goes which is why I give him the best life I possibly can. I make time to adventure with him... Family & Friends

4 mo

Do you still treat your birthday as something special or is it at the point of now it's just another day?

My birthdays never been a big deal for me. So it’s not something I generally make a big deal of. My mom and friends though always make me do something Family & Friends

4 mo

Do you have siblings? Are you older, younger or in the middle?

Middle I guess. I only have one truly related sibling though (at least as far as I’m aware) and he’s my twin. 2 older brothers and 3 younger siblings. So ages are 33, 31, 29/29, 23, and 4. 4 boys... Family & Friends

4 mo

Girls, how do you deal with competitive friends?

I mean my best friend and I are very competitive. But not in the whole my life is better than yours way. We’re competitive in like board games, bets and things like that. To constantly compare my... Family & Friends

4 mo

Are you the kind of parent to care about your child’s happiness 🌸? Would you be the kind of parent to care about your child’s happiness 🌺?

I’m not a parent. I also don’t want kids. If I were to have them I’d likely choose to adopt or foster. But yes I’d want to prioritize their happiness within reason of course. And I’d do everything... Family & Friends

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