Unique and Eclectic Wedding Photos That Will Make Your "Special Day" Extra Exceptional

Because nothing says love like a red pickup truck and yellow sneakers. :-)

Unique and Eclectic Wedding Photos That Will Make Your

All brides want to sparkle and shine — this lovely lady made it happen for two.

Let's face it. Put kids in any wedding photos & it's adorable.

I've always loved the Autumn theme — it's my favorite time of year. The vivid colors here make for one magical photo.

There's some cheesiness going on, but that's pretty hard to escape with wedding photos. Cute, creative idea if done well.

Retro lovin'. Too adorable.

Little touches of red offset the white ensembles, and the Ferris wheel adds a bit of nostalgia to a special and memorable day.

This photo is outdoorsy, adventuous, and FUN, adding extra thrill to an already exciting day!


So cute and sort of implies they've been sweethearts since childhood. Even if that's not true, it's such a sweet idea.

A dapper gentleman and his lovely dame — the photo adds a touch of "Old Hollywood" glamour, drawing references to stars like Marilyn Monroe and tales of The Great Gatsby.

SPARKLES! 'Nuff said.

This is very cool and actually kind of trippy. It also makes good, practical sense — everyone gets to feel special (and actually hear!) from the first few rows.

Photos are fun and a big part of weddings. (Let's face it — most are insanely expensive and you better well have good photos, dammit!)

But in the end, it's about the couples who love each other and are "soul mates." (Okay, I hate the term, but some of these couples just plain look "meant to be.")

So no matter what your photos look like, just be sure not to stress — enjoy the day! Pop open a bottle of champagne, throw some confetti, and party 'til the break of dawn!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Wow, awesome photos! Makes me wonder, will I ever get married? 😞


Most Helpful Girl

  • Some of these are photoshopped though!

    I got married in the autumn and wore a brown corset with a big cream skirt... defo an amazing time to do it :)

    • Ha, that is true. But to be honest, it's hard to escape Photoshop in wedding photos, period. Like the Autumn one — that definitely looks 'shopped. But I think the general basis of each idea is really cool. And I bet your photos look great! :-)

    • (Also, one of my favorites is the first one. I know the sneaker thing is all "trendy," but they look so darn cute.)

    • None of mine were shopped they were all stunning

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  • For once these weddings doesn't look boring!


What Girls Said 2

  • There all cute but I really love the one with the kids holding the frame and the parasol one! <3

  • Nice pictures.

    I love the autumn one and the tree house one.