He keeps talking about marriage and its making me wonder...

My boyfriend has recently started to mention us getting married someday. He's said things like he could get the military to pay for the rest of my years at college if we got married and he joked around saying that we will have to plan our marriage around my time of the month. He's also mentioned having a family. He told me that he wanted me to be the mother of his children. He tells me he loves me all the time and he constantly takes care of me. He's told me several times that he's never felt this way about a woman before. He also mentioned that while he's already gotten all my gifts for Christmas, (he likes to shop early) he said he's probably got one more gift to get me. Could it be a ring? I don't know.

Also, he's very close to his family just like me, and we're both close to each other's parents. He told me that he considers me and my family a part of his family, and that he would protect us with his life. He's a soldier, so he's naturally overprotective of the ones he loves. His brother is getting married next year when he comes home from the war, and his sister just recently got engaged. Could he be thinking about doing the same with me? Why does he keep talking about marriage and having a family all of the sudden?


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  • This is pretty common among military guys. Their jobs and time away makes it hard to find someone to be with long term. So when they DO find someone I've noticed the relationships last very long. Plus it's always nice to come home to someone you love. My ex was marine. Lasted a year and a half. The deployment was straining on our relationship. He wanted to be fair to me so we broke up. But we still talk from time to time when he has a moment in his line of work. I have dated other guys since him but he is someone I still hold dear to my heart :)


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  • As a soldier he probably wants to make sure that when he goes on tour there will be someone to comeback to. It can be a long time away from those you love and if the connection or commitment isn't strong, feelings can fade. He sees marriage and love around him and so it is constantly running across his mind. I don't know if he'll propose soon but the thought is definitely there. The question is, would you be ready if he asked? Remember, its always ok to take your time.


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  • That sounds so cute, why are you questining that. He seem like his 100% sure that ur The One. but the question is How long has you two been together?

  • Well, it sounds like he's certainly thinking about marrying you! (And probably trying to get an idea about how you feel as well.) As for why now, you don't say how long you've been together. I noticed that you are pretty young, but who knows? Some people do marry young, after all. (Just make sure you are really ready; there's no need to rush.) For guys, sometimes seeing other people who are close to them getting married makes them start thinking about marriage too. If you feel the same way as he seems to feel, then congratulations! Sounds like he really cares about you!

  • Hmm. I think this is cute, and surely he wants to marry you from the sounds of it.

    But how is yalls relationship?

    A couple things make me thing "red flag" though...

    One. he may feel like all his family/friends are settling down, and he feels pressured to do the same

    Two. military guys get extra benefits from being married. and having kids.

    Just make sure he wants to marry you for the right reasons, ok?

    best of luck


  • Hes talking about having a family all of a sudden because he sees it happening around him( his sister/brother) If there is a possibility that he is going to the war than I'm sure he wants his own family to come home to. If he's mentioned those things regarding marriage with you than yes he is thinking about it.

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