Why does he remind me he's married?

When I talk to this guy he always finds a way to bring up and just say the phrase out loud, "I'm married". It's really weird because we could be talking about something we saw on TV or just about anything else that has NOTHING to do with marriage and he will just burst out, "I'm married". What is THAT? It's so weird...I am not hitting on him, just sharing conversation and sometimes he will joke around or play around with me and then he says "I'm married". Okay I know that you've said it about a hundred times? I don't get it? Am I missing something?


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  • He's attracted to you. Guys don't bother spending lots of time with women they don't find attractive. Especially not married men. He's feeling guilty about being attracted to you because he's married. Him saying it out loud makes him feel better. Maybe because he feels he's keeping the boundaries, maybe because he's reminding you and himself, who knows.

    • best answer you will get, I'll bet

    • Aah but sometimes I think they do it because their pumped up ego thinks you're into them!

    • If a guy agrees with you so wholeheartedly then I'm going to be inclined to believe you also. I guess that would fit. He's always helping me out or if he sees me having a bad day he will try to make me feel better by making me laugh or doing something funny to make me smile. But then other days he won't speak to me at all or he will avoid me. I just thought it was strange but when we are "clicking" he will just spurt out at random "I'm married" and giggle. It's weird...

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  • Other than in complete agreement with VMW2008 below,

    I'll bet he's talking to himself, not you - a reminder not to lean too far looking over that cliff (you) least you fall (in love) instead of friendship.

    You could also double check your awareness of subject matter that might be displayed that tempts his bad boy side or thoughts ... perhaps something that was displayed a few minutes past ... if he's a bit slow. I'm sure you are aware of what's going on but try again from a male point of view.

  • His wife controls the marriage and he's become paranoid.


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  • Aaarrrggghhh, don't you just HATE that! Feel like saying 'hey don't flatter yourself, I'm not interested in you'! >:(

    • Yeah that's pretty strange of him... he can't make up his mind. He wants to throw you at him then he wants out. I would not hang out with him anymore. Many men just want their ego to be pumped up than they leave (I am going through the same nasty experience... not worth it). Next time he says that he's married, I would say "oh OK let's go meet your wife right now". That will stop him right there. What a loser!

    • I don't blame you. I think I'd just stop talking to him, it's so boring! I had an upstairs neighbour that was completely gorgeous and he clearly noticed I was just staring at him whenever he talked to me... (had incredible blue eyes!), I couldn't count the number of times he mentioned his girlfriend! But when they do it and you're not even attracted to them, it's somehow even MORE annoying! lol

  • There are plenty of men out there why would you go out with someone who is married? Remember karma exists!

    • I don't go out with him. We talk at work. Our break times are scheduled together so we have no choice but to speak to each other. I don't go anywhere with him.