Is she telling the truth, girls please help me?

Ok we will call her EVE. Quick background. ok so I WARN this is gonna sound unreal but it's. So 1st her mom is a NARCISSIST even leaving her (@flster care) to go 5 states awY and marry somegug, they divorce of course. Proceeds to comeback and even though she was a "looker" back then she married a fat , ugly, pedophile who. Molested EVE as he tucks sleepyEVE in bed from7-18 years old. HUGE TRAUMA, as u can imag. But I had hope. But past was Never dealt with her mom either didn't know* or cried how hard SHE had it.( REALLY). EVE once spoke of needing school stuff and her eggDONOR (mom) said ,*why don't you go and F*** your dad for it? So she is jealous/self-centered/cannot communicate/ poss. Borderline personality disorder/BELIEVED ROMEO+JULIET/but has grown slot. We MEET in 2009- at 6 years we have a baby and she flips suddenly. Planned for months, asked so called friends, was meeting at her job/going on trips with/and just already moving on really. Guy beagle because he made her feel like PRINCESS! SWEAR! He clearly wanted SEX but she had No clue. Left me (Same day as I got fired ) you with him but didn't tell me. Long story short she went to jail I got her out, she finds out about guys girlfriend he had WHOLE time. STILL refuses my kiss on Our bed day she got out (said seeing someone) THE EVEi started out with was that minda person. ** We are still together GIRLS 2009-2021 she said she slept with him 8 times/over2wks and confessed the truth. NOW my TWO pro Lems are She says she has not been touched or ANYTHING (since
then!-. IS THIS TRUE (SHEisBEAUTIFUL)#2 SHE never TOLD me anything I didn't already KNOW about. NEVER. I tell her this and remind her I did that previous (just so she would not look stupid) she still SAYS there is Nothing to TELL!#2: I
please has she had no sexual encounter since 2009?
Should she DEFINITELY be telling m something to REGAIN my trust? Does she EVEN CARE y'all. HELP! please
Is she telling the truth, girls please help me?
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