My ex boyfriend is getting deployed.

I'm going to try to make this as short as possible. My boyfriend found out he was getting deployed back in July and he went nuts. He quit his job, broke up with me, and went to Australia with some friends. While he was there he started texting me again and he tells me that he is coming back to the states in a few days, so I ask him to text me again when he's home. He texts me when he gets home and we schedule a time for us to hang out. He kept talking about how he wished there was a way to get out of his deployment. After we talked, we watched a movie and cuddled. Then I had to leave and that was the last time I heard from him. He blocked me on facebook, deleted my number, and started to ignore me. So I'm like okay, I get it, you don't want to talk to me. A month passed and I went to the doctor because I was having abdominal pains and I hadn't gotten my period for about two months. It turned out that I was pregnant. For about a week I was contemplating if I should tell him before he goes to the middle east. I decided to tell him because I didn't want to push a one year old child on him when came back to the states next year. So I call him and he hangs up when he realizes that it's me. Immediately afterward he texts me and tells me that he is with the army in Virginia. Then right after that texts he sends me another and says, "Get rid of my f***ing number right now! I f***ing mean it." Naturally I don't text him and I leave him alone. About a month and a half later I lose the baby, and after that I didn't care if he got pissed if I got in contact with him. So I call him, leave a message telling him about the baby. He calls back and asks what's going on and I tell him again. He tells me to take care of myself. Then he starts cussing me out and he tells me he has a girlfriend who he's getting engaged to, which is a lie because no one knows about it. He tells me that he never want s to speak to me again and if I try to get in contact with him that he'll put a restraining order on me. I then said , "you don't need to act like this towards me, and if this is the type of man you really are then I wouldn't have ever let myself fall in love with you or agree to marry you when we were together". After that he said nothing for ten minutes and then he asked me to please leave him alone.

I don't understand why he has to push me away from him. I was there for him. We talked about everything. . I was there for him completely.

Is this a coping mechanism he's doing? Or does he just hate me? Or is he playing games and being a d***?


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  • He's acting like a complete prick. However, of course there may be some reason behind this, and it may be due to the deployment. Perhaps it's a strange way of him pushing you away so you don't have to deal with his deployment?

    Or he's just a prick. Either one, you know him more than I do.


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  • Well it sounds like he's being a d***, but maybe there's something behind all of this that you don't know about, maybe he's just treating you like that so that you back off and in that way he can protect you from something bad thus going on in his life. Something he can't tell you about.