What do guys really want for their birthday?

So my boyfriend/fiance is turning 23 next week. He says it is not a special day or anything. But I'm still planning on things to make it special. I was thinking of a dinner cruise, or at this restaurant by the beach, sorta semi-formal, but outdoor style.Which one would a guy prefer?

And what gift would a guy want? He is into cars, computers, the game war of warcraft -- I can't really afford that much so I was thinking of just giving him a bracelet, or necklace? What do you guys think? I really want to show him how much he means to me, and I want him to feel special on this day. So any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you! :)

By the way, Sex is a given.
So. his bday is tomw.Iv tried planning for a spa. I figured since he is stressed w/work, he could use a full body massage, and a nice dinner, w/assorted cakes. Then I thought if we don't have enough time for that I can reserve dinner at the outdoor rest.
This morning I asked him what time he will be home tomw (So I can plan).He said 8pm bcuz he has things to do.I was like, its your bday.Then he got annoyed and said, he's been telling me he doesn't want to do anything for his bday.He doesn't understand why
Im even planning things when he's been telling me he doesn't want anything.or to do anything.I was hurt. because Iv been seriously stressing about this,so I can make it special.Then he started going off on its a weekday anyway, and he has things to do.
I started crying, I don't knw why. I felt so stupid. and so. I don't even know what I was feeling. But it wasnt good. I still feel terrible, and I still want to plan a dinner at least after 8 when he is done. But I feel like such a fool.
I don't know what to do anymore. And I feel so sad.


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  • I'm more of a beach than a boat person, so I'd be cool with the restaurant by the beach. But they're both good idea's. And I'm sure he's going to notice how good of a job you do/did/whatever, you know what I mean. And I'm a person who likes to go to events for my birthday or sometime after even, like concerts and shows, things like that. Maybe you could look into something like that.

    • Thank you Nash :) Yah, I might take him to the beach restaurant instead because I do recall him saying he gets sea sick. But the events idea is really good. I'll have to look into that and see if there are any good ones. Thanks again :)

    • Light-bulb! lol, like it just went off in my head, haha - another idea - you could do things like wake up early and set the coffee maker for him of something relative like that. Little things, you know, you got to use your imagination on that one, and best of luck!

    • I would try to get him to take care of whatever he needs to take care of at work and just reschedule the birthday party for another weekend if it's getting like that. and just let him know that you care, so it's tough to just sit back and not do anything about the birthday. This isn't something that can't be moved around or whatever, he doesn't have to make a mountain out of a ant-hill.

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  • i'd delete his war of warcraft account given him the gift of life.

    Hooters: beer and boobs.

    Then because he's drunk and horny, give him a free pass to all of your rides.

    Vola! happiness.

    • Haha I agree about WOW! That game takes up half of life! lol

      Hooters? Sounds good. But they don't have it here.:(

  • If he has a ipod, get him one of those ipod speaker docks. There's a really good one on sale at amazon right now called "Griffin Amplifi" for $99 with free shipping. I ordered one cause its got good reviews.


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