Cedo Nulli, is it evil?

I want to get a tattoo saying Cedo Nulli... which means "I will yield to no one" in Latin. But my grandma says it sounds bad because you have to yield to god. What are your thoughts?


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  • Any tattoo, and probably especially one that says Cedo Nulli and is visible to others in your daily life WILL limit your opportunities in the future. Right or wrong, it just will.

    • I have 4 tattoos, not too worried. Nor do I care.

    • You don't now, but you will.

    • Tattoos are going to become more widely accepted. So nah, not worried.

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  • It has historical meaning too, for instance:

    www (dot) emblems. arts. gla. ac. uk/alciato/emblem. php? id=A46a059

    www (dot) emblems. arts. gla. ac. uk/french/facsimile. php? id=sm816_p103

    books (dot) google. nl/books? id=Oulx6h9Z-p0C&pg=PA26&dq=cedo+nulli+erasmus&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=0CCcQ6AEwAmoVChMIod_Mx6aAyQIVywUsCh0BngKk#v=onepage&q=cedo%20nulli%20erasmus&f=false

    "CEDO NVLLI" is the motto on my family crest, and as they were atheists it's generally thought it meant they'd not yield to (the idea/myth of) god. It's hard to say for sure though, since in 17th century Europe nobody would dare to put that in writing.

    Personally I like to interpret the motto to (also) mean not yielding to the human tendency to be superstitious.

    Originally the motto comes from the Roman god Terminus refusing to yield to the god Jupiter, so it's not far-fetched to include god (s).

    But I don't see how words could be evil. As with everything, intent is key.

    If your interpretation/meaning does not include the (christian) god then that's that. The words don't change the meaning you give to them, whatever others say.

    But whether that will fly or not depends on your geographic location. Here in the EU being seen as overtly religious will hurt your standing/image (in business or otherwise), in much the same way as it will in the U. S. when you're perceived overtly atheist.

    So, evil? Definitely not. But, assuming you live in the U. S., you probably do run the risk of ignorant people disregarding your intent and substituting their interpretation for yours and then judging you on it. But then again, you can just not yield :)

  • You don't have to yield to God because he more than likely isn't real but it is a good idea to learn how to yield to people (since they are real), because people unwilling to compromise causes trouble, yielding is a good thing in certain cases.

    • It's supposed to be uplifting. Like you won't let your husband beat the sh*t out of you. I think it sends a good message.

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    • like if 2 family members are having a huge fallout or argument you can yield and be the one to bring peace, I learned that the hard way, I wish I would have yielded now.

    • Basically what I feel like Cedo Nulli means is I won't let anyone rule me.

  • Deus est Nulli.


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  • No one means no person, I don't think God is considered to be a person.

    • I see, well thank you.

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