Feminism is not about equality for men? It is about equality from a woman's perspective, not a man's perspective?

Feminism is not about equality for men? It is about equality from a woman's perspective, not a man's perspective?

According to google, the definition of feminism is "the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities." However, we intepret the term "EQUAL" differently. Feminists will tend to focus on body image issues such as weight in the media but the can't ever see the male perspective of equality. From the masculinist's perspective, male models are too tall, but no one stops meghan trainor from using them in any of her music videos, and nobody stops john oliver from shaming men for their height.

Feminist will argue that feminism is not hypocritical and this is true. The feminist IDEOLOGY idn't hypocritical. However, the implimentation of feminist ADVOCACY id hypocritical. Take a recent issue, feminists want to be taken seriously in the workforce. Yet, the vast majority of women are submissive sexually. This is HIGHLY HYPOCRITICAL. The implimentation of the feminist ideology is what is hypocritical, not the feminist ideology individually.

The vast majority of feminists will argue that they should be seen as dominant in their careers. Yet, they still expect men to be dominant. They still expect men to be for the dates, to be dominant in the bedroom, and to earn more money than them. Feminists will argue that paying for the first date is just being polite.

However, the question is, WHY IS THIS SEEN AS POLITE? It is their interpretation of what polite is. It amazes me how a man's shelling out his hard earned cash for you is seen as polite. Apparently, being polite means giving women free stuff. The vast majority of feminists also advocate for better household equality. Yet, men are still expected to be the dominant ones and work harder than them to be providers.

Feminism is not for equality. It is for equality from a woman's perspective. It is up to men to share their perspective.


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  • I already gave my opinion about feminism. For me, this is feminism:

    Guys think all feminists are feminazis. I hate those bitches too, I hate that they can't see a video of a girl shaking her ass on TV without thinking that's just wrong and shit. Some girls like to behave like bitches, LET THEM BE. I hate that they can't laugh at a joke, I have a really black sense of humour, make your sexist or racist joke, It's okay for me.
    I am a feminist, I can ask a guy out, and be okay with his rejection, I can change a car's wheel, I can pay my bill, and many more things.
    I can clean my house, but if I live with a man, he could help me doing the cleaning, or cook as much as I do.
    I hate that girls in Nigeria can't get education because they are girls.
    I hate that guys think they will stop being "guys" if they do the cleaning.
    I hate that sometimes people pay less to girls when they do the same work as guys.
    I hate that women get the custody of the children most of the time, sometimes moms are not better than dads.
    I hate that women (sometimes) get less years in jail cuz they have a pussy.
    I hate that people think guys are rapists because they have a dick and that it's okay if a girl wants to rape a guy.
    I hate that people think it's okay to see a girl beating a guy and that it's wrong when a guy does it. Abuse it's never okay.
    And what I hate the most is FEMINAZIS.

    I am a feminist. I love men. I support equality.

  • I see what you're saying and yes there are some women who do expect those things, but not all women do. I for one think that everything should be equal, both men and women should work as hard as each other. Men do not have to be the providers they can both support each other. As for dates I not sure why women think it's polite for them to pay for the first date if it were me I'd split the bill or pay for myself. Though I'm sure you'll think I'm just saying that.

    And as for the male model thing, I think that's wrong too, I think society's view on beauty is wrong for both genders. But does that mean they are going to change it? No. There are a lot of issues concerning equality that no one is going to see eye to eye on. And a lot of stereotypes on what people think the other side wants.

  • 1. I can't take this seriously with all the spelling/grammar mistakes
    2. You are declaring what you think feminists believe without backing up these claims. Most of the things you have pin-pointed are false.
    3. I could write a whole long ass counter-argument but I can't be bothered because you're too far gone.

    • You can't deny what he is saying is true that feminists dont expect the women to buy the mans food ask the men on dates buy the men a round its very unfair :/

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    • the question is do you split the bill?

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  • Feminism for dummies:

  • feminism fights for selective equality

  • For convenience, I will label each of your paragraphs with numbers.
    1. Feminism fights against all forms of shaming, it's just that some are mentioned more than others. That doesn't mean we don't care about you.
    2. Sexual life is one thing, workplace issues are another. Completely different social levels.
    3. This is simply incorrect. That last one is what MRAs actually say. And it's true. Paying for your date is polite. However, it shouldn't be done out of some preconceived notion of how useless women are.
    4. Men are not expected to work harder, or pay any more than women. Those things are based on sexist assumptions. We want women to be stop seen as helpless.

  • Such A PowerFul Article. #NewPerSpectiveOnWhatFeminismIs.

  • Feminism is boring!

  • What you're stating is a female privilege that a lot of them do not want to give up... but still want to fight for "equality" based on whatever it is they see as "facts".

  • Feminism is cancer and we need radiation STAT.

  • Feminism is about hurting men plaiin and simple. Take inequality in number of collage grads. When men made up the majority feminists screamed that it was a conspiracy to keep women out of college. But for decafes since women have made the vast amjority of college degrees that is proof that women rule and men drool.

    Their solution to men and boysfalling behind academically. We need to get more women, and less men into science!!! If that is equality, the KKK loves all races equally!

    • Lol I find it hilarious how feminists downvote facts :p