The amazingly insane Amazon

The Amazon is probably the most amazing place on our earth. Below you will find a selection of pictures which show how amazingly insane the Amazon is.

The Jesus lizard which runs over water...

The amazingly insane Amazone

In the Amazon on some places the sunlight can be blocked by 99%

Sun halos

Dynamite trees....the fruit really explodes

So beautiful coloured but better keep away from these Poison Dart Frogs

Ahhh nice small candiru fish....well not really because they like to liv ein our body

Electric eels..though not really eels but they look like eels and swim like them

Scientists know nowadays a lot but about the Amazon but there's a lot to discover yet

Anacondas, don't need any introduction probably...

Instead of meeting an anaconda better to meet a pink dolphin

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  • This looks epic. I thought this would be about Amazon gift cards or something lol.


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  • An amazing place, I would love to see but I love my creature comforts/mod cons so if you ever hear of a 4 star hotel opening in the heart of the Amazon rain forest let me know.

  • Damnit to hell. thought this was gonna be about amazon deals of the week.