Women of CSI: New York, Who Was Your Favorite?

1. Detective Stella Bonasera played by Melina Kanakaredes (Seasons 1-6 )

Women of CSI: New York, Who Was Your Favorite?

She's a CSI level 3 assistant supervisor. Left the crime lab after season 6.

2. Detective Jo Danville played by Sela Ward (Seasons 7-9 )

She use to work in the FBI crime lab. In the New York crime lab she's an CSI level 3 assistant supervisor.

3. Detective Aiden Burn played by Vanessa Ferlito (Season 1 and short time in season 2 )

She's a CSI level 2 and left in season 2 but in that same season it was revealed while investigating a case on her own, it ended up getting her killed.

4. Detective Lindsay Messer (previously Monroe) played by Anna Belknap (Seasons 2-9 )

She came to New York from Montana, she's a CSI level 3. She married fellow CSI Danny messer and had a daughter with him named Lucy.

5. Detective Jessica Angell played by Emmanuelle Vaugier (Seasons 3-5 )

She's a homicide detective, who was shot and killed at the end of season 5 while trying to transport a witness.

6. Detective Jamie Lovato played by Natalie Martinez (Season 9 )

She's a former narcotics detective, who got transferred to the homicide squad after her cover was blown.

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  • Number 4 Lindsay, no real reason for my choice


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  • I always initially watched the show for number 1

  • Definitely Detective Jamie.


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  • Definitely Lindsay. I loved her personality in the show