The Guide To a Perfect Halloween Party 🎃

The Guide To a Perfect Halloween PartyπŸŽƒ

We all know those people who host the Halloween parties but you may have never had the chance to host one yourself! And if you're not the party type you can always go trick or treating ( Hey! Thats an idea!) Because pshht, you're never too old for trick or treating (Amirite?) ;)


Tea is perfect because its really fall-y and there's a recipe I make which I call Witch's Brew. What it is is basically a blend of chais or if you can't get your hands on a variety you can only work with one chai tea. I recommend Teavanna because their teas are really aromatic and very good quality, a little on the pricy side though. Anyways Witch's Brew contains chai teas, orange peels, apple slices, cinnamon sticks, and cloves (other spices are optional!) . Don't let it sit for too long with all these ingredients in or it will become bitter and strong.

Bloody Marys!

See what I did there? First of all bloody marys are my all time fav. Non alchoholic guys, pssht, no really! I don't drink ;-; . My palette is pretty weird for that of a teen.So this one might be for older people. I use v8 tomato juice for starters because it tastes amazing for this, then I take lime (obviously) and squeeze in a GOOD ammount and just salt and pepper, I recommend pepper (seriously). For the eyeballs you just peel radishes in certain areas and put a toothpick through them and then those olives with the pepper inside, you can buy in jars in a supermarket just pop that on top of the radish and walla. And if you can drink, spice it up with whatever you guys put in there lmao, is it vodka idek?

Glow in the dark drinks!

Yass. So you need black light for this one. And anything with Vitamin B in it glows in black light, like energy drinks for example. So this one is a tad bit complicated...Just pointing that out there, but its a thought.

Halloween punch anyone?

So this one is literally just a power drink, this one contains a green power drink and lemon-lime soda. You can do it with an orange power drink as well. Then add some druit slices like oranges and limes and lemon slices, etc. Dry ice is definitely an option as well to make it look super "spooky". (Tip: putting this in jars with straws is a great idea.)


So these are really easy. Get an apple. Get a chocolate bar (it can be dark chocolate or white or whatever) if you're going to add food coloring to make them orange or green, etc, use white chocolate (or use melting chocolates which I recommend). Melt your chocolate and add any food coloring if you wish (to make a different variety you'll have to make different batches so plan which ones are going to be which color). If not you can make them all the same color. After the chocolate is melted. Dip your apple in (although put the apple on a wooden stick or a cinnamon stick before dipping). Before its dry sprinkle over any sprinkles or anything and just put them down on something like wax paper in the way it is shown above. You can also do this with caramel!

These are literally the same thing as the caramel/chocolate apples, only with marshmallows. Heat white chocolate with food coloring (or use colored melting chocolates which is more recommended) and dip the marshmallows in using sucker sticks (found in cake decorating isles) and prop them up. To decorate them use black frosting. And for eyes those are also found in cake decorating isles. Just prop them on when its wet and when its dry decorate. (For the vampire and Frankenstein use black sprinkles and dip the top part in when its wet).

These are literally super simple. Oreos, Hershey kisses, orange frosting, and anything yellow. :)


By the way guys, outdoor Halloween parties work really, really good. You can have a bonfire and hang lights everywhere outside, put fog blowers on the ground, really- lots of options here.

Halloween lantern lights

Lighting trees is pricy so there's always an alternative. Just hang these over a wall mirror or on any beams your ceiling may have, really ANYWHERE!

You can do this one with practically any drinks. Just think its cool :)

Duh gotta put carved pumpkins everywhere.

Just get one of those fog-type blower things and put them in different places throughout the house!

Perhaps lead a trail of led-light lid pumpkins because they won't blow out or it wn't be a fire hazard. Obviously not THAT many lmao.

This is all I've got guys! Hope this helped or at least gave you some inspiration :)


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  • Halloween guide for girls :

    1) Buy lingerie / outfit that is tight and reveals 95% of your body
    2) Apply lingerie / Slutty outfit to yourself
    3) Add ''Animal Ears'' to your head (Such as ''Mouse Ears'')
    4) Act as if your costume is a ''Mouse'', When in reality you just look like a prostitute with big ears
    5) Om nom nom on lots of D
    6) Repeat next year.

    • Ahhhhh. So you've watched Mean Girls :)) But you forgot the part where guys dress as frat boys and use corny pick up-lines.
      I guess we're all guilty of making ourselves look like morons.

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  • Great MyTake :) I love your mytakes.

    I'm throwing a small Halloween party this Friday and Saturday <3 I hope my party is cool and festive :)


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