Size of the heart matters more than the size of the dick! Tips for life

Size of the heart matters more than the size of the dick tips for life

The size of your heart matters more than the size of your dick!

A heart of gold is worth more than a bucket of it

A hot guy is not hot if he has a hot temper

True beauty is in seeing the beauty in others

Love is not just said in words speak your love through your actions

A scale cannot measure your value

Know your worth don't give discounts

Dress attractively but not attracting

People will respect you only once you respect yourself

See your soul when you look in the mirror not just it's case

Rich is a perspective who is rich? He who js satisfied at what he has.

Don't judge people based on where they used to be or are now judge them in the moment

Love theyself

It takes a minute to make someone's day if you like their shirt tell them just might give them strength to keep going

Every soul is a blessing don't judge outer casings

Be kind to yourself

I learn more from my mistakes than my successes

Today I am better than yesterday tommorow I will be better than I am today.


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  • I like the captioned pic above. It reminds me of the saying... Resentments are like wetting your pants. No one feels it but you and you gotta sit in them!


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  • I really enjoyed your post, and took much of it to heart!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Obviously, I'm one that agrees that heart matters are more important exterior things.
    I look at it this way. If I love a man, and he has my heart, and I have his heart, I'm going to want whatever he has to offer (sexually) because it's attached to him; I want HIM!! Isolate that, and just show me pics of some random guy who has a big dick... yeah okay, that's nice. Could be fun, but I don't know you. And, if all you think you have to offer, or all you're willing to offer me is what is in between your legs, no thanks. I'll pass.


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  • Well, I'll try to keep all this in mind, but people can't change their looks. You can have a heart of gold, but if you look like Frankenstein your not going to come across that many women who are interested in you. This my take just sounds more idealistic, rather than realistic. I don't think women care about men having money, they just a stable, good environment to settle down in and maybe have children. At the same time though, they want a man that they are attracted to.

  • every time I think about my size it feels like a black void filled up were my hart should be. Weird I never used to think about my dick size I use to worry more about how I would get my first kiss

  • Give me the beat, boys, and free my soul
    I want to get lost in your rock and roll

  • That is so true!
    I couldn't have said it differently, nice take :D

  • Zero men got wives following this advice.

  • I swear, I have seen every single one of these messages from Disney movies. Please, try to be original.

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    • @epiman94 Obviously, they wouldn't say that in a Disney movie and honestly I shouldn't respond to you because you are obviously not taking this seriously but there has been a message similar to that. It came down to the basic "Hearts over beauty."

    • I'm sorry. I actually do see your point. Don't take my joke seriously.

  • Aww how cute... now let's back to the REAL world. What matters is money, looks and status. Let's be real.

    • No that does not last.

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    • Well heart size may matter more than dick size but not in the context of love and relationships. Bigger the heart, bigger the nice guy, the smaller the attraction. Agree... we need to get to the real world.

    • Looks not status or money phaggot

  • Women are always evil and shallow. You only care if the heart is made of 24k gold so he can melt it and make it into jewelry for you.

  • yeah let me write a take about how your heart matters more. well... after a i fuck my 10 inches boyfriend, rich, bad playboy... .


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  • Couldnt agree more with this

    nice to see someone mentioning it finally