Having a heart may not be a good thing


From the time I can remember I was taught to help others. To always give. That by doing good you will be rewarded. What happens when your kindness or your heart and your duty to be honorable causes you to suffer? Endlessly in pain unable to dry your eyes. I had a stability in the past as I grew up. My family maybe people I thought were my friends. But what happens when you left on the street alone? I really don't believe anyone would care what happened to me.

Never Ending Journey
Never Ending Journey

I've helped everyone I can think of that needed help. Something as simple as giving a pencil to a classmate so they can take their exam in grade school to helping the homeless. I've even helped animals on the street which seemed to give back more than any person. As if they know how hard life is and that as a lifeform on this planet we need to help each other. See I help everyone not because I want to but because I am meant to. I take my faith very seriously. To me God is my Creator and I am His Creation. Nothing more than that. If he asks me to do something I do it. Yes I have read my bible but unlike the bible thumpers out there who selfishly bash people over the head with it I seek out those who need a helping hand, I look for that person who needs an ear so they can vent, it doesn't matter if they are Christian, Muslim, Wiccan, or all of the above. It doesn't matter if they are atheist. What matters is they are a person. Like all people we need things to survive in this world. The most important is a friend. I have made friends with everyone who welcomes me. Like Jesus says that everyone is welcome to His Father's table I do the same. I don't do it because I want to be a good Samaritan or go to Heaven. In fact while everyone else wants to go to Heaven and ask for things or ask for many wives or husbands. I'd rather stay on service of the Father. What bothers me the most is how hurtful people can be. The knock someone over and leave them down often trying to break them more. I see someone down and I help them up. The ones I help up the most are women.

Helping hand
Helping hand

Not because I prefer women over men but because no one else will help them up. I can see in their eyes and their face their hurt. Maybe because they are allowed to express their feelings. Some younger girls grow up thinking that no one could ever be mean and yet get hurt to the point of not trusting men or other people. I can not choose to help only a certain age group because there are so many who need help and it is wrong. The homeless also hit me hard. I can tell from the people who are abusing that condition and then I can tell who really needs a help. Sometimes it's just a guy who wants a beer or cheeseburger and he has no money. I tell myself why not get him one. I don't give money because maybe it's not what they need. Giving money is cold and heartless. Why not give them your time? Give them that experience that will make today better for them.

Having a heart may not be a good thing

What breaks my heart the most are the kids out on their own. Being left like no one lives them. Like they are trash to be thrown away. My childhood wasn't all roses and good but it was good enough to have things that I needed. For the longest time I thought I would never have to worry about my parents giving up on me.

Homeless kid
Homeless kid

Why do they have to suffer so much? Never knowing if anyone wants them, not knowing what home is or knowing what it's like to enjoy a full belly. There is more to a Happy Meal than just the food. It's the experience to feel better about a time when you need happiness. I've given food to them and their mothers who are out on the street begging for money. You have no idea how much it hits me seeing their little faces light up that at that moment they were going to eat. To see there mother so grateful. I have cried in my car for an hour afterwards because I couldn't hold myself.


What is worse is how after doing so much for my ex she still cheated on me and left me. Friends come and go and people just walk past me. I get so tired. My eyes are always red and my arms in constant pain. What do I do?

Having a heart may not be a good thing
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  • Floki-raven
    Suffer to Help others is most honrobel. I can relate i myself suffert heavy injuries to Help others even when it was in vain i wouldn't be abel to forgive myself if i hasent done it.
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  • WarningWarning
    My personal opinion, it takes a manly masculine man to express himself like that. you are an exceptional writer. Vivid candid open vulnerable thought you just shared with anyone, not everyone, anyone. Different opinions, different upbringing, different cultures. Knowing there could be responses that aren't supportive. You still did it. That's courage. Strength. That's knowing you are humble. Because I a way you are asking for help. It's also modest, knowing our limitations. Qualities God loves. But most of all. God is love. Straight from the bible. So we are made in his image, we are supposed to love. It's in our nature. How we are built. But the lives we live torture us. For various reasons. You do what you can. You do what you feel is right. Not many people can say they do what they think is right. I came from a broken home, but they were still together. My mother was/is a selfish mean woman. My dad, I love him dearly, but he was a workaholic, he had to get away from her as long as he could each day. Which left us with her. I became a rebellious teenager. Had my 1st son just as I turned 17. He is disabled. Physically needs full assist. Mentally he is a sharp as a tack. We make decisions. Do I give up? I am so young, I could let him be adopted with people who knew what to do, hell no. I will figure this out. And I did. I had to fight for eveeything he has and is now able to do. I have changed entire school systems because I wanted what's best for him. He is 28 now. Happy. Healthy. Still disabled. Of course. But it's been my pleasure. My heart goes out to moms of disabled children who dont know what's out there. Who just listen to what they are told. I help them understand what power they have, and how much say they have. That's where my heart goes. So I appreciate you saying where yours goes. But life isn't that simple. My husband is divorcing me as we speak after 21 years. I am alone.
    • Browneye57

      You're a fool. Sorry toots. Women look to their man to be a lighthouse in the stormy seas of their own emotions.

  • Lliam
    Never stop being the good person that you are, COMMODOREII. You will be rewarded, if not by others, then by the simple gratification of doing good. And since you believe in God, know that he sees you. Maybe he is testing you.
    • If he is testing me then my cross is really heavy.

  • SydneySentinel
    The problem is that people think their kindness will be rewarded and that's not the case. You have to be kind because it makes the world somewhat of a better place to exist in.
    Be a good person but make sure you have a backbone so people don't walk all over you. Don't set your expectations of rewards high because the universe doesn't owe you anything.
    Be kind just because.
  • PielDeMiel
    Are you kidding? Having a heart is a human thing. If it wasn’t for goodness then the world would be a much terrible place. We need good hearted people in order to know there is hope and love and salvation. That’s what God wants. If someone doesn’t cherish your heart then they don’t deserve it and it’s good riddance. Let God deal with them and move on.
  • Purplemonkey24
    I totally relate to this. Thank you for being so sweet.
    • Really?

    • Yeah.. I was definitely the kid that was thrown away. For someone anyone, to pretend they care kept me alive.

  • Guffrus
    You accept that the only person you have control over is yourself and that when you give that is for your benefit and your benefit alone regardless of what someone else might get out of it.
  • LuluDaisy
    I know how you feel, my parents kicked me out when I was 11, then when I turned 13 I had to move in with my stepbrother, it wasn't all peaches and cream, but he put me out on the street when I was 15, when I turned 17 my sister let me live with her, she's an alcoholic and I have been rasing her baby since it was born a few months ago, I've been on the street many times but no one ever offered to help me, i would sleep behind a bar because I had no where to sleep and they would throw food out so I would sleep there, my life has been a living nightmare and I would've loved to of had ur life, but I have kept my faith through it all
  • MannySimms
    You keep on keeping on. I'm old and have been a giver all my life. 12 years ago I was kinda rich and gave out inheritances while still alive. Got stabbed in the back by my son and most friends shunned me.
    I'm glad that happened and I ended up almost homeless. I'm on my feet, have no worries and GOOD friends. NEVER shed your core beliefs. Maybe you'll be "rewarded" in the next life. "The ones I help up the most are women." You devil you!
  • Browneye57
    TLDR. But WAY WAY way too much whining. Time to buck it up little pony. Quit choosing to be a victim - you're just not.
    • Wow. That makes me sad. So good ol tough love is the best? "Toughen up boy", "let no one see you crying" or even "dont you cry boy". Nah that's the old west talkin' life has changed man, it is masculine to Express your thoughts so vividly and candidly. It's ok if he has a moment. You mustve had a tough dad. I know my dad did. My dad refused to copy that. My soon to be ex husband did. His father was like that. And my soon to be ex is like that now. To me. His wife. You dont realize what that kind of talk does to people

    • Browneye57

      @WarningWarning - Uh, no it's not, and guys are not girls. No woman wants her man breaking down into tears every time she does.
      The problem with women is they only know about men based on their own cognizance - they really cannot relate directly to them, only what you FEEL at the moment.
      So don't try to tell men how they should be, nor that they should be a an emotional wreck like you are.
      Life has NOT changed, silly. This is a bazillion years of biological programming.
      So you think the caveman facing the sabertooth tiger should have just cried a little and whimpered and whined?

    • Browneye57

      The guy is a SIMP. Weak-sauce. Women loath weak men. Oh they'll tell you they like all that fussing and whining, but when they experience it they instantly lose respect. And then we hear the 'Where have all the good men gone?'

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  • Sevenpointfive
    i could cook you some chicken hearts. those are great!
  • BluJ22
    I think that you have to do good things don't completely delete yourself don't overdo it to the point of self harm but never ever ever stop being a good person.
  • 77gnat
    Don't change. Don't do good things and ever expect a reward or anything good back. We live in an angry world. We can improve it by educating ourselves, being polite, being kind and being generous. We can't force our advice and we can't force others to be grateful. We can try to expect more from each other but talk is cheap and actions are all that matter. Be you. You will have happy and sad times but we all have an ending. Make your time here worth it and leave the world a better place. Good luck.
  • bulletbob555
    Very noble thing. Yes unfortunately people will do wrong even when you do right
  • Silence00
    No, it make jealous to your lover. Especially fb hearts.
  • Plitty-Tank
    People can give others too much help and that person may take advantage of them later on.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take