What’s the most painful experience you’ve been through and what did it teach you?

Breaking my bone - was the most painful experience I’ve been through physically.

I had my shinbone broken in two places, one of them - X-Ray didn’t see and they only fixed one place into a cast, The first two days I was feeling my bone move every time I was trying to raise my leg and get up from bed.

I was all alone. In a different country. And with each minute it was getting more difficult to get up and move even a little.

3 days later I had a surgery and things started getting better,

but the first 3 days, Especially when they fixed my bone with their own had to make sure it was back to its place, as they were holding my hands, cause it was so painful - That was the worst pain I’ve been through.

I remember I laughed at all the heartbreaks I’ve had and for me thinking that was pain, the pain of the heartbreaks definitely can’t compare to one of your biggest weight bearing bones being broken.

And the healing takes a year.

So… This experience taught me a lot. I appreciated myself a lot more too, to imagine that I went through all this, totally alone, in a horrible pain, in a wheelchair and then with crutches carrying myself with my shoulders, unable to work for 3 months but still I made it to this day - Where I am enjoying a walk outside and smile at the sun - I feel blessed for being able to do that.

I respect myself for all I’ve been through and I am confident in my power, because your real strength is tried by the trauma, when you get literally broken and you can still get up and learn dancing on one leg, you are one hell of a fabulous person.

I recovered dancing on one leg and one crutch.

Now you might look at my face and think that I have had an easy life, I think that’s a strength too - To still be able to sparkle shine from your eyes, regardless of all the heartbreaks or pain you’ve been through.

29 d
Sorry for all of you.

We all have our pain.

That seems to be part of the life, I wish you all the strength to overcome whatever pain you are going through and I wish your pain to be over soon.
29 d
I feel for you all… It hurts me to see you are in pain… Take care of yourselves please, there are people who love you and need you.
What’s the most painful experience you’ve been through and what did it teach you?
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